What Are SCAA Coffee Makers

SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) is an authority association you have to familiarize yourself with if you want to get a hold of the best coffee makers. The reason is that it certifies coffee makers annually. This means that SCAA coffee makers are those that earned certification for meeting the highest possible standards in terms of quality and reliability.

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By owning an SCAA coffee maker, you have a hundred percent guarantee that your cup of coffee is always perfect. Whether you use it to brew coffee beans from Ethiopia or any other source or location, you can expect the drink to turn out to be how you like it. For instance, French roast is dark roasted coffee, and this quality will surely come out by investing in premium coffee makers that earned SCAA certifications.

Benefits of Using SCAA Coffee Makers

What are the good things that you can get from investing in an SCAA coffee maker? With this coffee-making machine around, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Guarantees Quality

One favorable thing about SCAA coffee makers is that they are one hundred percent high in terms of quality. Note that getting this certification does not solely depend on the ability of the machine to produce the best-tasting coffee. It also depends on other elements that make it of top-notch quality.

Among the elements with quality standards that a specific coffee maker has to meet are flawless design, reliable material, and seamless construction. With all the standards that SCAA-certified coffee makers passed, you have an assurance of their premium quality.

This can prevent you from worrying about how to like drinking black coffee or any other type of coffee, for that matter.

Highly Precise

Another advantage of an SCAA coffee maker is that it is highly precise. It comes with controls that promote ease in coffee amount measuring as well as in brewing a perfect cup. With the high level of precision guaranteed by this coffee-making machine, you do not have to depend too much on a premium coffee scale. The precision controls and settings in such certified coffee makers are not present in other machines, making the former better choices.

Safe to Use

SCAA coffee makers are also one hundred percent safe. This does not necessarily mean that other coffee makers are unsafe. The SCAA-certified ones just have higher standards in terms of safety. The materials used in them are proven not to cause any harm when it comes in contact with products designed for human consumption. Most of these certified appliances also come with a structure and design that prevent electrical faults, making them a lot safer.

How Do SCAA Coffee Makers Work

How Do SCAA Coffee Makers Work

SCAA coffee makers work in accordance with the features integrated into it that perfectly meet the standards and requirements set by the organization. They function by adhering to the coffee standards defined and improved by SCAA. For a coffee maker to earn the SCAA certification, it has to undergo a test to assess its overall quality, functionality, and ability to produce high-quality coffee.

If it earned the seal of approval of SCAA, then it means that it is complete with all the necessary controls, settings, and features needed in brewing a perfect cup of coffee. An automatic coffee brewer from Barisieur is one of such coffee makers, making it earn respect and trust of several coffee lovers from different parts of the world. The SCAA standards aim to produce a golden cup, a sign of premium coffee.

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Pros and Cons of SCAA Coffee Makers


  • Brews coffee at the right water temperature.
  • Produces high-quality and premium coffee all the time.
  • Consists of plenty of safety controls and features.
  • Brew coffee based on the recommended time.
  • Boasts of a high level of accuracy and precision.


  • Quite costly.

SCAA Coffee Makers Requirements

As mentioned earlier, coffee makers certified by SCAA need to meet certain standards and requirements based on the following components:

Brewing Temperature

A specific coffee maker should meet the required brewing temperature by SCAA for it to earn certification. In this case, the perfect temperature for brewing coffee that the appliance needs to meet should be around 195 degrees Fahrenheit to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also important for the brewer to retain a temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit inside the carafe. It should maintain such a temperature for half an hour max or until it completes the brewing cycle.


It is also crucial for the coffee maker to meet the speed requirements set by the SCAA. The rule is for it to complete the brewing cycle within just four minutes max. As for the drawdown, it needs to be eight minutes max.

Uniformity of Performance

The performance of the coffee maker for a specific number of times should also be uniform. For it to be certified, SCAA requires the machine to produce a quality cup multiple times, specifically ten times, without failing in performance. This means that it has to undergo ten brew cycles while producing consistent results in terms of quality and performance.

Uniformity of Extraction

SCAA also sets certain standards to guarantee that the coffee beans you decided to use are uniformly extracted. This specific standard aims to optimize the quality of flavor of the final brewed coffee. Based on the guidelines created by SCAA, it is crucial that on the first minute that it is brewing, the coffee inside the brew basket is already saturated. Such provides the scope for correct and proper extraction.

SCAA Coffee Makers Requirements - Uniformity of Extraction

To assess whether a coffee-making machine meets the set guideline, it has to be rated on a scale of 1 to 100 depending on how uniform the extraction process is. A coffee maker rated as 60 can be categorized as good. You can perceive those machines rated over 75 as excellent.

On the other hand, those that received a rating of more than 90 are outstanding. It is necessary to test the uniformity of extraction as it helps in brewing the perfect output, whether you are using the best chocolate-covered espresso beans or any other types of coffee.

Beverage Clarity

The clarity of the brewed beverage is also crucial during the assessment. You wouldn’t want to drink a cup of gritty coffee, would you? It can ruin your experience, which is why SCAA made it a point to assess coffee makers based on that element. While it would be impossible to get rid of all sediments completely, the remaining ones should not be too significant to the point that your experience will already be hampered.

To make the assessment, a filter is taken then weighed. After that, exactly one hundred grams of brewed coffee will be poured through the filer. Drying the filter comes next before it gets to be weighed again. Any increase in weight indicates the presence of sediment in coffee. The brewer should not produce over 75 mg. of sediment in a 100-ml brewed coffee for it to earn the certification.

Holding Receptacle and Temperature

SCAA also requires the carafe to be capable of holding brewed coffee upon filling the water reservoir to its highest indicated level. It is also crucial for the carafe to maintain the warmth of coffee without burning it. In that case, the rule is to maintain the coffee at over 80 degrees Celsius without going beyond 85 degrees during the first thirty minutes of completing the brewing cycle. There should not also be an increase in temperature anytime during that period.

How to Choose the Best SCAA Coffee Maker

If you are interested in spending more just to get an SCAA coffee maker, then ensure that you indeed spend your money on something that suits your requirements. Make sure to get real value for the money you intend to spend on this machine by basing your final decision on these factors:

Brew Time

Whether you invest in electric thermal coffee brewers or battery-based coffee-making machines, it is advisable to assess your options based on their brew time, especially if you decided to go for those certified by SCAA. Consider how much time you are willing to spend on brewing.

On average, the brew time is around eight minutes. Others take around ten to twelve minutes. You can also find those capable of brewing coffee in as little as four minutes. If you have a hectic schedule without a lot of time to spend on brewing, then going for those with a brewing time of at most four minutes may be the best decision for you.


Spend time checking the capacity of the SCAA coffee makers on your list, too. You need to find out which one can produce a specific amount of coffee you prefer. Consider who will most likely be using the machine. Determine if you will be the sole user or if your friends and family will also be brewing from it.

This information can help you in picking a coffee maker, which can produce sufficient amounts of coffee that can suit your own (as well as other users’) caffeine needs. The most common capacity for SCAA coffee makers is actually eight cups. However, you can also find those that can brew larger amounts (around ten to twelve cups).

Settings and Features

You also need to spend time studying all the settings and features integrated into the appliance. Note that what specifically composes the coffee maker can help you determine how useful and functional it is and whether or not it is an appropriate choice for you.

Find out if there are additional features and elements, too. Also, be aware that some of the most useful extra features include digital display, programmability, and customizable and preset settings. Some users also agree that SCAA coffee makers that let them use a frother to make latte foam are totally reliable and useful.

Thermal or Glass Carafe

How to Choose the Best SCAA Coffee Maker - Thermal or Glass Carafe

You also have to decide on what carafe to use – the thermal or the glass one. Note that the carafe contributes a lot to the final output. Even if you produce good coffee, it will be impossible for you to enjoy it if it is incapable of retaining the warmth of coffee, causing it to cool down after just a few minutes.

For a coffee maker to receive SCAA certification, it needs to have a carafe, which can retain the same temperature for half an hour, at the very least. Some of these coffee makers are even capable of holding such a temperature for up to two hours.

Your choices for the carafe material of the SCAA-certified coffee maker are glass and thermal. If you are looking for a budget-friendly material, then glass is the best choice. It is cheaper than thermal carafes and capable of maintaining the heat of coffee during the first few minutes.

The problem is that it also tends to stew the coffee when the hot plate designed to maintain the warmth in coffee continues to remain in contact with the carafe for an extremely long period. The result is an extremely bitter taste.

With that said, it would be better to go for a thermal carafe, one constructed from stainless steel material. It is probably the ultimate choice in case you usually spend more time consuming your coffee. This carafe can maintain the heat in coffee without causing problems in the taste.


The size of the coffee maker should also contribute to your final decision. Ensure that its size perfectly fits where you intend to put it, like beneath cupboards or on a kitchen counter. By checking out the size and dimensions, you will know right away if it suits the available space for it.

Ease of Use

Assess how easy it would be to use the coffee maker, too. You wouldn’t want to spend your money on a unit, which is too complicated to use that you are at risk of wasting too much time during the coffee preparation. If possible, invest in a unit that combines cutting-edge technology and other additional features that guarantee ease of operation for different types of users.


Another essential quality you have to look for in an SCAA coffee maker is versatility. You will know right away that the machine is versatile if it gives you complete control over the entire brewing cycle and process. It should be versatile that it lets you pick your desired coffee strength as well as water temperature, among many other factors. With that, you can prepare your coffee, depending on how you truly like it.


Assess the durability of the SCAA coffee maker you are thinking of buying. Go for a high-range one – that is a unit with a low chance of breaking sooner than you initially anticipated. It should be robust enough that it can serve its purpose for a long time.

Spend time checking and assessing the warranty of the unit, too. You can find models with a basic warranty of just one to two years. Others, on the other hand, can give you a warranty of at least five years. Find out which one can genuinely cover what you need.


Consider the unit’s price tag, too. While it is undeniable that most SCAA coffee makers nowadays have higher price tags than the usual ones, they are worth it. Just ensure that you invest in the right one. It should fit your needs and requirements well, so you can enjoy an excellent return for your money.

How to Brew Coffee in an SCAA Coffee Maker

How to Brew Coffee in an SCAA Coffee Maker

Step 1 – Prepare fresh coffee and distilled water

Prepare freshly roasted coffee and use it for brewing. You need fresh ones for this model, as it is famous for bringing out the unique flavors of coffee. However, note that the machine can only emit such unique flavor if it is still present in the beans.

In that case, you need fresh coffee since stale ones – those that are over several weeks old – have already lost most of their flavor. It would be impossible for any coffee-making machine to restore such flavors.

Aside from fresh coffee, you also have to prepare distilled water. It is what you need to brew coffee in the unit as it does not have impurities that may compromise the final taste. Moreover, it will not trigger the formation of mineral deposits within the appliance.

Step 2 – Measure the water and coffee

Measure the right amount of both. It is highly recommended to use around 14 grams of coffee for every 8 ounces of water. Make sure to stick to the recommended measurement to prevent the over-extraction or under-extraction of the brewed coffee.

Step 3 – Set the correct temperature for water

One advantage of SCAA-approved coffee makers is that they allow you to have full and precise control over the water temperature. In that case, make sure to stick to the recommended water brewing temperature of 195 to 205 degrees F. Choose your preferred temperature within that range.

Step 4 – Begin the coffee-grinding process

Grind the coffee beans you intend to use but make sure to do it fresh. The grinding process is important as it works in releasing the coffee’s flavor compounds. You have to do it before you brew to lessen the amount of flavor that gets lost in the process. It can also maximize the number of compounds extracted whenever you brew.

Step 5 – Allow the coffee grounds to bloom

Start the brewing process once the water, coffee grounds, and water are already within the machine. Determine the length of time required for the coffee grounds to pre-infuse or bloom. In most cases, it takes around thirty to forty seconds to bloom. The way you set the bloom will depend on the model you are using. Some machines allow manual control, while others just require you to input information into their program.

Step 6 – Complete the brewing process

Wait for the brewing process to be completed. It just needs several minutes. After that, you can transfer the contents into a cup and enjoy your coffee.


Does More Spending Mean More Quality

As mentioned earlier, most coffee makers that adhere to the standards set by SCAA are more expensive than the others. The reason behind this is that they need to incorporate some features, controls, settings, and technology designed to help them meet the requirements. It also covers the cost of retaining the certification. Despite the higher price tags, they are worth investing in considering the many functional and advanced features that they have.

Do’s and Don’ts with SCAA Coffee Makers


  • Read instructions prior to use. Before starting the machine, read the instructions. It is necessary to prevent any mistake when it comes to using the unit.
  • Remove the tank when filling. You have to take out the tank whenever you need to fill it. Use fresh water when filling it, too.
  • Descale the coffee machine. This is even more important if you own a Keurig brand. It is a vital part of the cleaning process, which helps in removing calcium deposits that have accumulated inside. You can descale your Keurig or clean it with vinegar to get rid of the buildup. Descaling is also vital in the Cuisinart coffee maker cleaning process, which is another famous brand of kitchen appliances.


  • Do not forget to clean the machine regularly.
  • Do not use coffee beans with additives in the machines. Avoid using caramelized ones, too.
  • Do not leave the machine in the storage area for an extremely long period. If you stored it for a long time, do not forget to descale before using it.

FAQ About SCAA Coffee Makers

FAQ About SCAA Coffee Makers

What does SCAA-certified mean?

A coffee-making machine that has an SCAA-certified label means that it adheres to the strict requirements that the renowned Specialty Coffee Association of America set. It is a prestigious certification provided only to a few drippers capable of brewing based on the Golden cup requirements. It has to meet standards according to various factors, like brewing time and water temperature. Having this certification usually signifies excellence.

What is the best coffee maker from Technivorm?

One brand with coffee machines that earned SCAA certification is Technivorm. The best product from this brand is probably Moccamaster KBT-741. It has numerous features that make it capable of producing high-quality brewed coffee every time you use it. Despite that, the brand still has plenty of coffee makers under its wing that earned the much-coveted SCAA certification, which somehow proves their quality and reliability.

What is the ideal brewing temperature for coffee makers?

The ideal brewing temperature is around 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. It is the most highly recommended temperature as a lower range would lead to under-extracted coffee, while the higher range can lead to over-extracted and burnt coffee.

What makes a good coffee maker?

When searching for a good coffee maker, it is crucial for you to look for certain qualities and features that prove its quality and reliability. Among those that you have to look for and assess is the brewing time, built-in features, controls, and settings, as well as capacity. Ensure that it can satisfy you based on your specific and unique requirements. For instance, it should have a feature that lets you program it using a timer as well as control the process of extraction.

What is the golden cup standard?

If you are still unfamiliar with the golden cup standard, then take note that it refers to the ideal brew definition of SCAA. Here, you can get a clearer idea about the optimal strength of brew with the help of total dissolved solids used as quantifiable measures. SCAA-certified coffee-making machines are famous for meeting this golden cup standard, making them great investments.


If you are a coffee lover who wants to invest in your own coffee maker, then consider checking out SCAA-certified ones. With these SCAA coffee makers, you no longer have to question quality and functionality. Most of these coffee makers are built to satisfy, so there is a hundred percent guarantee that you will enjoy this type of investment for the long term.

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