No, no, you didn’t read it wrong. It says salt, YES SALT. For all these years, every one of us was using sugar instead of salt. Don’t get me wrong, sugar is amazing, sugar is wonderful… but salt. You will be amazed by it as soon as you try it. We guarantee that!! Stick with us and learn about this weird yet wonderful ingredient.

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Why Should You Put Salt in the Coffee

When it comes to adding salt to your coffee, you should do it not only for the health benefits but also because it will improve the taste quality of your coffee too. It is recorded that salt reduces the bitterness of coffee and helps you regulate acid reflux. On top of this, it can also help you lose weight when used to replace some additives. 

As salt is usually used to enhance the sweetness of desserts in most recipes, salt also fits amazingly well in the sweetest coffee recipes. You can combine salt with creamers, milk, sweeteners such as sugar and honey – you know honey in coffee acts as a natural antioxidant– and even liqueur!

Although it is not recommended to add it into your morning coffee if you have an important event during your day! The time and the way you drink your coffee is quite important too. It is proven that afternoon coffee can disrupt your sleep

Benefits of Coffee With Salt

Coffee, in general, is quite beneficial for your health. It will boost your metabolism, help you lose weight, improve your memory, and makes us all awake in the mornings. You can also consume coffee while fasting; consuming coffee while fasting does not disturb your fast. Coffee itself contains powerful antioxidants and important nutrients like magnesium and potassium. On top of these, from beans to brewed versions, even instant coffee improves your digestion!

But of course, even coffee comes with harmful side effects. Especially excessive consumption of coffee can lead to headaches, migraines can cause you to have bowel problems and coffee can give you jitters and heartburns.  Especially it is proven that eating coffee beans can lead to heartburn -though they are tasty. 

It is proven that adding salt to your coffee can eliminate the bitterness of coffee as it is known to enhance the sweetness of the flavor. Eliminating bitterness can lower acidity; therefore, it will also help you with your acid reflux, overall stomach and bowel health. As coffee causes you to lose sodium with urination, adding a little salt will help you balance it out. 

How Does Coffee With Salt Works

How Does Coffee With Salt Works

Ok, we already said salt in coffee decreases coffee’s bitterness. But how does that actually work? As we all know, coffee contains caffeine and caffeine is responsible for 15% of the bitterness of coffee. There are specific antioxidants, Chlorogenic acid, Lactones, and Phenylindanes, that occur when coffee is roasted. It is safe to say, these antioxidants are responsible for the bitterness of coffee and the bitterness intensifies when beans are roasted.

Salt comes into the role during our tasting; scientifically, salt has the ability to amplify our other taste senses. When something bitter touches your tongue, it releases calcium ion; therefore, your brain understands it, and right here, salt stops this reaction. Salt LITERALLY, SCIENTIFICALLY makes your coffee less bitter.  

Short History of Drinking Coffee With Salt

Isn’t it funny when you discover something and learn something just now, but people are doing it for hundreds of years? Yeah, salt in coffee has been around for so long; Turks, Siberians, Hungarians, and most Scandinavians have brewed their coffee in brackish water. They have been enjoying their coffee with more taste and foam! Now it’s your turn. 

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Pros and Cons of Drinking Coffee With Salt


  • Gives you less bitter coffee.
  • Helps you lose weight when used for other additives.
  • Helps you regain the sodium you lose while drinking coffee.
  • Makes coffee less acidic.


  • Might not be for everyone.
  • Too much becomes TOO much.

How Salt Changes Coffee

Decreases Bitterness

Bitterness actually leaves your taste buds all sour, dry, and completely disturbed. Adding a little salt to your coffee can cancel out the unpleasant body of bitter coffee. 


You can use salt to enhance the aroma of coffee. You can only do it when you add the salt to your grounds before brewing it. Most coffee enthusiasts recommend mixing the coffee and salt with a 6/1 ratio—6 spoons of coffee and 1 spoon of salt. 


Coffee is generally acidic; although some coffee is more acidic than others, salt helps with lowering the acidity of coffee. 


Adding salt to coffee enhances the flavor of the coffee. When we say flavor, when added salt, it enhances the nutty, earthy flavor of the coffee. 

When Should You Add Salt to Your Coffee

When Should You Add Salt to Your Coffee

Beans Are Too Dark or Overroasted

As we already mentioned that salt is mainly used to make coffee less bitter. Of course, it works perfectly with too dark or overroasted coffee. It takes the bitterness out of the roast and leaves you with a more enjoyable coffee. 

Coffee Is Going Stale

Salt is actually a great addition to make your undrinkable coffee very much drinkable. Believe it or not, when salt is added to the stale coffee. It takes the old, bitter, stale flavor away and gives you a smoother and sweeter option. What a save! 

Alternative to Sugar or Cream

It is possible to use salt alternatives to these ingredients. As the salt will alter the bitterness of coffee, you may not need extra sugar or cream for your coffee. Of course, this choice is up to you and your taste. 

You Like Salt

That’s the most perfect of the options above. You don’t need an excuse to add salt; maybe you like salt. Then you definitely should add salt to your coffee. Not only will it provide you with better coffee but also it has countless health benefits as a cherry on top! 

How to Add Salt to Your Coffee 

It really depends on your taste for this one. Some believe the salt must be mixed within the brew; some say a pinch of salt directly into the hot coffee does the job. We say you do you, baby! 

Adding Salt to Coffee Grounds

Step 1 – Grind your beans

Get your beans and grind them. Always try to grind whenever you are brewing. That helps you to preserve the flavor much longer. 

Step 2 – Add some salt

Mix your grounded coffee with salt. You can either do it by adding a little pinch of salt to your grounded coffee and mix it. OR if you are working with larger amounts, the recommended amount is ⅙ salt to coffee ratio. 

Step 3 – Brew your coffee

The way you like it. Let the salt dissolve as the coffee brews. The drip method and espresso-making are highly recommended, but it’s up to you. Brewing coffee in Keurig 2.0 is super easy! 


Adding Salt Into Your Coffee

Step 1 – Brew your coffee

Just the way you like it. Maybe you like to use a premium automatic espresso machine with Cuban-style Bustelo coffee; that’s perfectly fine. Or maybe cold brew, drip method, or other coffee blends… the choice is yours. 

Step 2 – Salt it up

Add a pinch of salt to your coffee. A PINCH! Don’t overdo it. 

Step 3 – Enjoy

Lastly, play around have fun!! Milk products, spices, sugar, and literally anything to your taste is up to you. If you are into smoother textures and tastes, heavy cream is a good addition to your coffee. However, you shouldn’t forget that all these additions are raising the calorie of your coffee. In the case you are concerned about your calorie intake, better think of some calorie-free options like sweeteners or flavors. Flavored coffee doesn’t contain any sugars

Do’s and Don’ts When Adding Salt to Your Coffee



  • Don’t over-brew your coffee.
  • Don’t grind your coffee too fine. That will make it too bitter.
  • Don’t use too much coffee.
  • Don’t use too much salt.

FAQ About Adding Salt to Your Coffee

How much salt should you add to coffee?

Less is more! A pinch, just a pinch! If you are mixing with the grounds, coffee snobs recommend adding 1 spoon of salt for 6 spoons of coffee. 

Does salt reduce bitterness in coffee?

YES! Scientifically it works as it plays with your tongue and your brain that you don’t feel it as bitter. 

FAQ About Adding Salt to Your Coffee

Does coffee with salt taste good?

Hey, we got you! It’s a little weird, BUT believe us! It tastes good -PERIOD- If not, believe us? Try it. It doesn’t take much effort. Trust our word though, it will be the smoothest, sweetest, and richest coffee you have ever tried. 

Should you swap milk and cream for salt in your coffee?

We don’t say do it. But adding salt to your coffee will change the way it tastes drastically and if you care about your calorie intake, it can help you get rid of those high-in-calorie ingredients. 

 Should you put salt in coffee grounds or after brewing? 

The choice is purely up to you. Some say salt goes into the grounds; some say directly into brewed coffee. Both will do the job; it simply doesn’t matter. 

Is Himalayan salt better than salt?

People claim Himalayan salt is better than regular salt. That is quite true when we are talking about Pink Himalayan salt. Pink Himalayan salt has a slightly lower amount of sodium and contains significantly higher amounts of Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium compared to table salt. So Himalayan salt actually can be a great choice.    


Even though it sounds weird, salt in coffee has a strong background in science. Even though you don’t believe us, we assume you believe in science. Just for the sake of it, give it a shot. It’s so much worth it!

Adding salt to your coffee will help you get the most out of coffee, the sweetest and creamiest coffee you have ever drunk. It will also be beneficial for your health; salt combats the acidity of coffee and keeps your digestion system all healthy. We say you need to give this amazing kitchen ingredient a shot at your coffee bar! 

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