Peaberry coffee has been around for a long time and it had its famous times a long time ago. Not being famous anymore doesn’t mean it’s bad. On the contrary, it’s great. Peaberry coffee is a natural phenomenon that occurs in all species of coffee. If you are into drinking coffee, there is no way you’ve missed it. If you did miss it or are new to the amazing world of coffee, no worries… through this article, you will quickly catch up to others and learn everything about Peaberry coffee! 

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What Is Peaberry Coffee

Peaberry coffee is actually the result of a genetic mutation. As you may know, coffee is a fruit. Coffee grows on trees as cherries and inside the cherries, there are beans which we eventually describe as coffee beans. Most cherries contain two seeds. Thanks to the genetic mutation in peaberry coffee, the cherries contain only ONE SEED!  While most coffee seeds have a flat back because two seeds are resting on each other, peaberry is entirely round, as we can understand from the name. 

Benefits of Drinking Peaberry Coffee

With all the benefits of drinking coffee, coffee can be considered a superfood. From helping you lose weight to reducing stress, helping bowel movements, regulating blood pressure and so much more, coffee seems to be the main ingredient of health. People used to believe that it contained more nutrients than a regular coffee bean for peaberry coffee because it doesn’t need to share any. Today we know, it’s neither bad nor good, just unique. 

How Does Peaberry Coffee Work

But why is peaberry coffee this famous? Well, its importance stems from how rare it is. Only around 5-10% of coffee beans are classified as peaberry. However, this percentage becomes slightly higher when cross-breeding between Arabica and Robusta occurs. 

Pros and Cons of Peaberry Coffee


  • Evenly roasting.
  • High amounts of caffeine.
  • Great flavor.
  • Ways to express your style and creativity.


  • Not so efficient compared to the flat bean.
  • Can be a little pricey.
  • Claims about taste and flavor might be a scam.

Features of Peaberry Coffee

Features of Peaberry Coffee


When it comes to roasting, peaberry tends to roast evenly due to it being quite circular. 


Peaberry coffee beans are hand sorted. Most of the time, the production of peaberry coffee requires more labor. Therefore only important producers of coffee can handle it. 


There are different theories when it comes to how Peaberry coffee tastes. Some believe peaberry beans are a little sweeter than normal beans. That’s because the peaberry bean is compact and includes more nutrients and sugars than regular beans. But some also believe that this s entirely wrong and a peaberry bean and a normal bean are the same. 

Why Is Peaberry Coffee So Expensive

Fewer Beans

As we already said, only a small percentage of beans are peaberry. This makes them fewer in numbers and therefore highly valuable. 

Better Roast

Because the peaberry is shaped almost like a perfect circle, they tend to roast quite evenly compared to regular flat beans. Even roasting helps with the flavor and lets you enjoy full-flavored coffee beans since you can never get the bitter over-roasted flavor. 

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Most of the time, Peaberry coffee beans are handpicked or, to be more exact, hand sorted. This increases the labor in coffee production. 

Methods to Brew Peaberry Coffee

Auto Drip

Auto-drip coffee makers are one of the easiest ways of making coffee. You put your blend in and push a couple of buttons; that’s all you need to do. Some may say machine coffee is not as good as coffee made with traditional brewing methods, but there are so many options. Use the best budget espresso machine to have quality coffee. 


The pour-over method is one of the traditional ways of brewing coffee. This method requires a filter or cloth and some patience because, as you can understand from the name, you pour the water over the brew, slowly but surely creating a beautiful coffee. You may use a premium pour-over kettle for easy usage and the quality taste of the coffee. 

Methods to Brew Peaberry Coffee

French Press

You may want to stay old-school and use a french press. This might be clever because the French press maintains your coffee’s optimal temperature. Therefore gives you a smoother brew. They also come in various sizes and styles. They are easy to use and clean, pretty adjustable for everyday use. You can even have a lightweight French press travel mug

How to Roast Peaberry Coffee 

Roasting is the most important step to reveal the true aroma of coffee. From dark and bitter to the floral and tea-like notes of Ethiopian coffee are all depend on the degree of roasting. 

Step 1 – Sort out your beans

Sort the beans depending on their sizes when it comes to roasting beans, size matters! Sizing the beans helps with even roasting and adjusting the roasting time. 

Step 2 – Bite some beans

Always try a couple before throwing in the whole batch. This helps you determine the roasting time and the taste you want from your coffee. 

PRO TIP  – Stay small!

You can always roast more when you think you will enjoy a more roasted coffee, but you can never roast it less. Don’t ruin your coffee from the start. 


How to Brew Peaberry Coffee 

Step 1 – Chose the freshest beans

Get your beans fresh! Always try to get the beans rather than the pre-grinded version. 

Step 2 – Grind

Grind your beans whenever you need to. Pre-grinding messes with the flavor to get the most of your coffee; grind it right before brewing it. 

Step 3 – Brewing time

Brew your coffee with the desired method. When it comes to brewing, traditional methods help the coffee reach its best flavor. We highly recommend brewing coffee by using the pour-over or French press method, but if you don’t have time or equipment for that, you can always use a coffee machine as well. 

Step 4 – Play with your recipe

Do it as you like. Add more ingredients or leave it pure. It’s all up to your choice. Milk, cream, sugar, honey, syrups, cinnamon, even butter, and salt can be amazing choices for your coffee adventure. 


Peaberry vs Flatberry

Saying peaberry is better at all costs is meaningless since the quality of coffee is quite diverse. The cup quality depends on the brew, temperature, water quality, climate, species, and so much more.

We’re not trying to say Peaberry isn’t special -it is- but it isn’t any better or worse than any other coffee. Praising Peaberry coffee at all costs is as stupid as believing the best coffee is the overpriced cat poop coffee.

Do’s and Don’ts With Peaberry Coffee


  • Do roast and grind yourself for desired taste.
  • Do use reusable cloth filters for an environmental approach.
  • Do sort the beans depending on the size.
  • Do use traditional methods for a better taste.


  • Don’t leave your equipment dirty.
  • Don’t fall on scams and pay a whole lot.
  • Don’t over-roast your coffee (or over-brew).

FAQ About Peaberry Coffee

Is peaberry coffee less acidic?

Some claim that because two beans are formed into one, peaberry beans tend to be more acidic. Although many claims that this might be biased because of the different caffeine content. There is not much scientific evidence that actually says that peaberry coffee is less/more acidic. 

Is peaberry Arabica or Robusta?

Actually both! Peaberry coffee is a classification of coffee beans due to its unique nature and shape. It can be either and both. Although peaberry coffee is unique, it occurs more when different breeds of coffee are cross-bred.

FAQ About Peaberry Coffee

What regions offer peaberry coffee?

Even though there is a chance to get Peaberries in all cherries, Peaberries are generally discovered when the beans are sorted. Therefore places, where coffee production is significantly more established offer more Peaberry coffee, such as Tanzania, Kenya, Brazil. 

How rare are peaberries?

Among all coffee, peaberry coffee is only classified as 5-10% of coffee beans. However, this number goes up when cross-breeding occurs. 

Does peaberry have more caffeine?

Actually yes. According to researchers, Peaberry coffee has slightly more caffeine than other regular coffees. For example, Tanzanian Peaberry coffee has 1.42% caffeine, while Yemen Mocha Mattari, Guatemalan, and Kona beans have 1.01% 1.20 and 1.32% caffeine, respectively. 

Where can I buy peaberry coffee?

As they might not be sorted out, you can find them even in regular blends. You need to have an eye for them and specifically look for them. If you want to buy just Peaberry beans, you can find some options online. 


Peaberry coffee is unique in its own way, but it is “special”… not really. It’s just a little fatter than regular beans. Being hard to find is what makes them unique and valuable. It’s definitely worth a try but not worth spending so much more on. 

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