Have you ever thought about having an opportunity to choose your coffee drink based on your mood? Feel like drinking a cup of delicious cappuccino? Just one click and here is your cappuccino. Look for something lighter like a chai latte to enjoy in the evening without impacting your night sleep? No problem.

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The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System are exactly what you need to have any coffee drink any time you want. With this device, there is no need to think about finding your optimal time to drink coffee. It’s a great thing to have in your kitchen, but before deciding to get it, it’s better to learn about it as much as you can. This article is your helping hand.

Ninja offers a variety of coffee brewing machines and all of them are great. Of course, each model has some unique features that you need to consider, but it is a great idea to have one of them despite which one you decide to choose. 

In this article, we gathered all the facts you need to know about Ninja brewing systems, so just keep reading and you will learn everything about these cool devices.

What Is Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System 

If you cannot imagine your life without a cup of coffee, you might be extremely excited about Ninja brewing systems and already planned how you can enjoy that impressive variety of coffee drinks you can brew with this brewer.

Of course, before buying one of those machines, you need to understand what you can expect from it and what you will get.

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System is a complex device that can provide you with an incredible variety of drinks. It is not only about hot and cold brewing methods as there is a variety of extra features.

Actually, a typical Ninja Hot and Cold Brew system can offer you a choice of six portion sizes. Five brewing styles, and even an opportunity to make foamy milk with a built-in frother. The machine has a 50-ounce double-walled thermal carafe. However, you can always brew your coffee right into your cup.

Moreover, the device is equipped with two permanent filters. One of them is designed specifically for coffee; the other is used for tea brewing. Due to the Smart Basket recognition, the machine identifies what you are brewing and chooses the right basket. 

The device is designed in a way to make your life easier, more comfortable.

Benefits of Using Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System 

Variety of Brew Sizes

As we mentioned before, each Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System offers you a variety of six brew sizes which means that it’s up to you how much coffee you will have.

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Five Brew Styles

Every Ninja Brew System offers 5 brew styles which means that you can brew practically any coffee drink from delicious espresso to a big cup of regular strong coffee.

Cold Brew Option

The system offers an opportunity to make cold-brew coffee without waiting for hours. Actually, you need about 10-15 minutes to get your cold-brew coffee ready.

Benefits of Using Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System

No Pods

The system doesn’t require any sort of pods or K-cups. It is a great opportunity to reduce the amount of waste. Also, it gives you more control over the brewing process and, of course, its final result – your coffee.

Stylish Design

Each Ninja Brew System has a very beautiful and elegant design. It is not only necessary but also a stylish device to have in your kitchen. 

How Does Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System Work

Ninja Hot and Cold Brew Systems look like rectangular blocks, slightly tall but still small enough to perfectly fit your kitchen counter. While having a pretty compact size, this machine will for sure impress you with its functionality. The machine has a whole variety of tools that are smartly hidden in secret pockets and sections.

Moreover, the machine can brew coffee and tea as two baskets are automatically identified by the machine as soon as you feel one of the baskets with some coffee grounds or tea leaves. 

The machine is equipped with a removable water tank that is easy to remove and refill with water. There is a control panel and LED display on the front of the machine so you can operate your machine easily. 

When it comes to the brewing process itself, it is absolutely automated and rather similar to classy drip coffee makers. In fact, there are no manual modes and you can use only already programmed options. The only thing you choose manually is the amount of water used for each coffee you brew. 

While most drip coffee makers tend to use all water in the reservoir during one brew, Ninja brewers decide on the size of the coffee portion you want to have. In simple words, the brewer uses the exact amount of water indicated in one or another program. 

There is also a specialty mode that is absolutely unique for Ninja brewers. It is perfect for people who prefer as strong a coffee as possible. It can be a perfect base for various coffee-based drinks with added milk like latte or cappuccino.

Pros and Cons of Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System


  • Elegant, attractive, and comfortable design.
  • Simple interface accessible for every user.
  • Possibility to brew both tea and coffee.
  • 6 brew sizes and 5 different styles.
  • Built-in milk frother that can be used even during the brewing process.
  • Compatibility with both tea leaves and tea bags.
  • Brewing size is up to 50 oz just in one go.


  • Plastic is the main material of the brewing system.
  • Brewing process can take more time than with regular drip brewers.
  • Coffee may lack some strength.
  • Finely ground coffee can clog the filter.
  • No built-in drip tray.

Types of Brews With Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System

Regular Drip

Using this type of brew, you can get a cup of steamy and delicious coffee. The brewing process is tracked on the LED screen. As soon as you can see all five vertical bars light up on the screen, the brewing process is finished. It is a great feature as you can estimate how long the brewing process will take. It is convenient when it comes to those modes that require more time. 

Cold Brew 

If you are a real Cold Brew purist, Ninja Brew System may not provide the same coffee as you get when you use a classic method. Nevertheless, it still can provide you with a great and delicious cup of cold-brew coffee in a much shorter time. You don’t need to steep coffee grounds for 12 hours when making cold brew coffee; you can get your cold-brew coffee in just 10-15 minutes.

Types of Brews With Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System

Of course, if the cold brew is the only brewing method you use, you may not be satisfied with the result. However, if you like to enjoy it once in a while, Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System will be a perfect option for you. 

Brewing Over Ice

Like cold coffee drinks, but don’t feel like using the cold brew method? Ninja Brew Systems offer an option of brewing coffee over ice. It allows locking the flavor of the drink, making it rich and less saturated. It happens because, when you choose this mode, the machine uses less water to brew your coffee, so when the ice melts, it makes the drink just perfect and not watery. 

Specialty Drinks

Specialty mode is absolutely perfect for people who like very strong, espresso-like coffee with robust notes.

As the system differs from espresso makers and doesn’t use high pressure to brew coffee, you will not be able to get a creamy, thick shot of espresso, but still, it is pretty strong and can be a great base for espresso-based drinks such as cappuccino or latte.

Just keep in mind that there is no option to choose your brew’s size in the specialty drink mode. 

Using the Frother

You can add any type of coffee or tea you want and you may even want to add some foamed milk to your drink. Ninja made things easier and added a built-in frother in every brewing machine they produce. You can, of course, purchase the world’s best cappuccino maker, but Ninja offers you more freedom. 

It is hidden in the main body of the machine and can be retracted any time you need. Moreover, it is effortless to use as you just need to press one button to start and stop it. You need only about thirty seconds to froth a whole cup of milk.


It’s not a secret that most coffee lovers do not enjoy tea and vice versa. That is why most brewing systems that can brew both tea and coffee are quite questionable. 

Ninja found a perfect solution for this problem. The machine has two separate baskets – one for coffee and the other for tea. It means that you can be sure that your tea will smell and taste like tea and not like coffee and vice versa. 

Moreover, the machine can brew all the same sizes of tea serving as of coffee. In other words, there are six sizes of brew you can choose from. 

Features of Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System

Features of Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System

Place for Both – Coffee and Tea

All Ninja Hot and Cold Brew Systems are great not only for coffee but also for tea brewing. The machine is equipped with two separate filters for tea and coffee so you can enjoy both drinks without worrying that the tastes and aromas will mix. It’s perfect for boosting your energy level with coffee or tea.

Brew Size Choices

Ninja brewers have six different brewing sizes. It is absolutely great as you can choose the size that suits your needs most of all. You can brew just one shot of strong coffee or a whole mug of your favorite drink, or even a pot to fill your thermos or share with your friends.

Brew Style Options

With Ninja Hot and Cold Brew machines, you can choose from regular drip brewing methods, cold brew, specialty drinks, and other options. In total, five brewing styles are offered by brewing machines.

Coffee Brews

Due to the variety of brew sizes and brewing styles, you can enjoy almost any coffee drink you can imagine. A built-in frother adds even more options as you can make some foamy milk and enjoy a delicate cappuccino or latte any time you want.

Types of Tea

Ninja offers lots of choices not only when it comes to coffee but tea as well. You can choose any tea leaves you want and brew as much of your favorite drink as you like. Moreover, you can even use tea bags instead of tea leaves.

Frothing Feature

Like milky coffee drinks with rich foam? Ninja has something to offer you. You don’t need to buy any separate device or expensive machines with steaming wands. Every machine produced by Ninja is equipped with a built-in frother that is easy to use.

Additional Features of Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System

Electronic Selection Screen

Some models have an electronic screen that makes the process of operating the machine much easier. You can fast choose types of brewing styles and sizes and control the brewing process and track it.

Built-In Coffee Scoop

A built-in coffee scoop is a great thing to have. You don’t need to buy a scoop separately. Also, the one built in the machine helps you measure the right amount of grounds depending on the settings you choose.

Removable Water Reservoir

The machine is equipped with a reservoir of great capacity so you can brew as much coffee as you need. Also, it is easy to remove the reservoir from the machine to refill it with clean water.

Programmable Brewing

The machine has a variety of brewing styles that, combined with different brew sizes, offer you the opportunity to program your brewing as you want and get an impressive variety of coffee and tea drinks.

High-Altitude Calibration

The altitude has a great impact on water boiling temperatures. The higher the altitude is – the lower will be the temperature. Using high altitude calibration, you will let your machine detect the best boiling temperature in your area. 

Additional Features of Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System

Single-Serve Platform

Each model of Ninja brewers is equipped with a folding platform that is designed specifically for small cups. It is perfect for a single-serve brew when you need only one standard cup of coffee. 

Cleaning Function

The machine notifies you each time it requires cleaning or descaling. Moreover, it is absolutely easy to clean. Most parts can be easily removed and washed in a dishwasher. 

Free Inspiration Guide 

A book with about 40 recipes of different coffee and tea-based drinks is added to each machine. Want to try something new or just don’t know which drink to make? Just open the included recipe book and choose the drink you like.

How to Choose the Best Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System


All Ninja brewing systems are designed for 120V. It means that these devices can only be used in Canada and the United States.

Basket Size

Ninja coffee makers use two different baskets – the orange one for coffee and the green one. Both filters are always placed in a basket and the machine automatically identifies which filter is used.


All Ninja devices are pretty light that makes the usage significantly simpler. You can easily move it around the kitchen if you want. 

Unit Size

Ninja systems have pretty much the same style as most similar coffee brewers. It’s not too high so you can easily place it on your kitchen counter. However, Ninja machines are slightly wider than most other machines. 


There are two carafe options that depend on the model of your Ninja brewer. Ninja offers glass and thermal carafes. Moreover, glass carafes are equipped with intelligent warming plates to keep your coffee’s temperature in case you decide to brew a large amount of coffee to enjoy it during the day.


Ninja brewing systems are known for their simple but still elegant and stylish design. They look very modern, luxurious, and even somehow futuristic. Moreover, the machine is equipped with many built-in extra devices like a scoop, a frother, and a warming plate.

Cup Options and Brew Style

As we mentioned before, Ninja Hot and Cold Brew systems offer 6 different brew sizes that vary from 4 to 50 oz of coffee and tea. Also, there are 5 brew styles such as Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Cold, and Specialty drinks.

Maintenance and Support

How to Choose the Best Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System

All Ninja brewers purchased from certified retailers have a one-year warranty. Moreover, the machines are known for their great performance. Customers report only a few issues.

Ninja brewers are easy to use and clean; you need to follow the instructions from a user guide and have no issues. Most parts are easy to remove and reach, so you can clean them properly any time you need.


The Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System price depends on the model and the extra features. It varies from $150 to almost $300. 

Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System vs Similar Products

No product can be perfect for everyone and, of course, Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System is not an exception. If you don’t feel like buying one of Ninja brewers, there are several similar options that you may be interested in. By the way, getting a premium grind and brew coffee maker is also a great idea.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is very popular among coffee lovers. The main reason for such popularity is that it can brew various portions of coffee – from one regular cup to a whole pot.

Also, you can use pods or simply ground coffee to brew your drink. As there are plenty of tea pods, you can brew tea with this brewer as well. The only point is that there is no separate basket for tea and coffee. Also, pod coffee brewers are very popular.

One other important thing about this brewing system is that it is slightly bigger than other similar options. The reason is that it has a side-by-side brewing feature. It means that you can brew one cup of coffee and a whole pod at the same time.

Cuisinart Ss-20 Coffee Maker

The Cuisinart SS-20 is similar to the Hamilton brewer. It also has a side-by-side brewing option. Also, there are 3 single-serve options. Moreover, the machine is equipped with a thermal carafe that can fit as much as 10 cups of coffee. The machine is known for its more stylish and luxurious design, but also it is more pricey than others. 

The machine can use both ground coffee and coffee pods that also allow you to brew tea. Also, it gives you pretty much control over the brewing process. For example, you can decide on the strength of your coffee.

The single-serve side of the machine is equipped with a removable drip tray and water reservoir. By the way, using a single-serve coffee machine for the fastest brewing can save you much time.

The machine is also equipped with charcoal filters so you can enjoy the better flavor of your coffee. 

Delonghi Bco 430 Combination Brewer

Delonghi Bco 310 is one other variation of side-by-side brewers. As well as Ninja systems, this device is equipped with a frothing wand so you can enjoy your favorite coffee-based drinks any time you want.

If you don’t feel like dealing with those complex espresso-brewing machines that require some skills, this device created by Delonghi is a perfect option for you. The machine offers a great variety of coffee drinks including espresso-based ones. Actually, the device can brew you a pretty good shot of espresso. 

Also, the machine is equipped with carbon brewers as well as a removable water reservoir so you can refill it easily. There is even an opportunity to pause the brewing process if you cannot wait to get your cup of coffee. After pouring some coffee into your cup, you can just place the carafe back and resume the brewing process.

How to Brew Coffee With Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System 

How to Brew Coffee With Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System

Step 1 – Measure and grind coffee

First of all, you need to measure the required amount of coffee depending on the brew size you want. After it, it’s time to grind your coffee beans. Remember that it is better to give preference to medium grind as fine grind can impact your machine.

Step 2 – Fill the basket with ground coffee

Choose the right basket and fill it with ground coffee. Keep in mind that the orange basket is designed for coffee while the green one is used for tea. Place a basket on the place.

Step 3 – Fill reservoir with water

Remove the machine’s water reservoir and fill it with the required amount of clean, cold water. It’s better to use filtered water to avoid scaling. After it, place the reservoir back in the machine. 

Step 4 – Decide on settings and start brewing

Now, it’s time to decide on the settings. Choose the brewing style, size of brew, place a mug or a carafe on the holder and start the brewing process. In 10-15 minutes, you can enjoy your coffee.

Step 5 – Foam some milk

If you feel like adding some foamy milk to your drink, just use the built-in frother. Just keep in mind that it cannot heat milk, so if you want warm milk, you need to heat it first. After it, just push one button to start the frother and in 30 seconds, there is smooth, foamy milk ready for you. 

Step 6 – Enjoy your drink

As soon as the brewing process is over, just add some foamy milk, sugar, or syrup to your coffee or simply enjoy it black. Just keep in mind to never add honey to hot coffee.


How to Clean Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System

When it comes to cleaning, Ninja brewer doesn’t require any special attitude, extra devices, or expensive cleansers but cleaning your Ninja coffee bar is essential. As soon as your brewing system signals you that it is time for cleaning, just follow our simple step-by-step guide.

Step 1 – Fill the reservoir with cleanser

First of all, you need to fill your machine’s reservoir to its max capacity with a special cleaning solution or filtered water with white vinegar. 

Step 2 – Place carafe and start cleaning

As soon as the reservoir is filled with a cleaning mixture, you need to put a carafe in place and choose the largest brewing size. After it, push the Clean button in order to start the process. The whole process takes about 60 minutes from the very start till the end.

Step 3 – Remove carafe and reservoir and rinse them

As soon as the process is finished, the Clean button will turn off. After it, you need to remove and empty the reservoir and the carafe. Finally, rinse both parts well and dry them properly. 


Do’s and Don’ts With Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System


  • Do try different settings to find your perfect drinks.
  • Do brew coffee and tea with your device.
  • Do enjoy various brew sizes and styles.
  • Do use freshly ground coffee for a better result.
  • Do follow the user guide to make sure your machine serves you longer.
  • Do clean your machine after each usage.
  • Do choose the right filter for tea and coffee.


  • Don’t leave used coffee ground and tea leaves in baskets after the brewing process.
  • Don’t use regular water to avoid scaling.
  • Don’t leave the frother uncleaned after the usage.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment.

FAQ About Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System

Can you make cold brew with Ninja Coffee Bar?

Ninja Coffee Bar doesn’t have a cold brew option. With this device, you can only choose Over Ice brew if you want to enjoy cold coffee.

What is the difference between Ninja CP301 and CP307?

The main difference between those two devices is a carafe. Ninja CP301 is equipped with a glass carafe and a warming plate, while Ninja CP307 has a thermal carafe.

Does Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System make espresso?

Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System cannot make classic espresso, but if you want to get the closest option, you can choose Specialty Brew Style designed specifically for espresso-based drinks. Using this brew style, you will get a shot of pretty strong coffee. If you want to get classic espresso, it is better to think about choosing the right automatic espresso machine.

Does Ninja Coffee Bar use K-cups?

Ninja Coffee Bar can be only filled with ground coffee and there is no place for K-cups. If you prefer K-cups, Keurig offers many different coffee makers.

Can you get hot water from Ninja Coffee Bar?

The system is built so that the basket needs to be filled to start the brewing method. The only option to start the process without coffee is to use the Clean button. In other words, you cannot just get boiled water from your Ninja coffee maker.

Is the Ninja Coffee Maker any good?

Ninja offers high-quality coffee brewers with a wide range of functions. Moreover, you can be sure the device will provide you with a delicious cup of coffee so it’s for sure worth your attention.


As you can see, Ninja Brew Systems are pretty impressive and can offer you lots of freedom. It’s a great device to have in your kitchen so you can enjoy your favorite drinks every time you want with almost no effort.

Don’t feel like making your coffee at home and prefer going to coffee shops? It is a good idea to spend some time investing in your first coffee shop.

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