What Is a Lelit Bianca

The Lelit Bianca refers to a semi-automatic espresso maker that has plenty of incredible and unexpected features. It is basically a dual-boiler espresso machine that falls under the classic E61 group. By investing in this machine, you will surely be able to put your premium coffee beans to good use. It is a great investment for anyone who is in search of the world’s best stovetop espresso maker or any other variation of the espresso coffee-making machine.

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Benefits of Using Lelit Bianca

Compact and Aesthetically Pleasing

The Lelit Bianca espresso maker is very aesthetically pleasing, so you will surely love storing it in your kitchen. It boasts of its smooth and rounded corners and its incredible warm wood accents that you can see in some of its parts, including the portafilter handle and feet. It is also compact, making the machine easier to store and use.

Excellent Brewing Capacity

Moka pot brew has a deeper and darker taste, and it is also possible for you to experience the same by using this Lelit Bianca espresso maker. It has excellent brewing capacity, thanks to its properly designed dual-loop PID. It promotes ease in controlling the temperature of every boiler independently.


This means you will never have a difficult experience when using this machine. It is very user-friendly to the point that you will feel you can easily master its controls.

How Does the Lelit Bianca Work

Lelit Bianca works by tackling the problem that you will often encounter when using those large dual-boiler espresso makers, particularly because it takes a lot of time for it to heat up and reach the needed temperature stability. Lelit Bianca solved this issue by integrating a standby mode.

It drops the temperature to around 158 degrees Fahrenheit while the cup warmer operates with its 80 percent capacity. Starting there, you can expect your brew to be ready within just ten minutes. It also seems to work great in delivering tasty cold brew coffee.

Pros and Cons of Using Lelit Bianca

Pros and Cons of Using Lelit Bianca


  • Stylish and aesthetic design while remaining compact.
  • Assures users of incredible and excellent brewing capacity.
  • User-friendly. This means you will never encounter problems mastering the machine’s controls and how to use them.
  • Comes with a quiet rotary pump, making it operate quietly.
  • Provides opportunities for experimentation, thanks to the machine’s low-profiling capability.
  • Durable and quality build.


  • Quite heavy.

Features of Lelit Bianca

Lelit Bianca also tends to keep up with high-quality coffee-making machine brands, like the Keurig brewing systems, with the aid of the fantastic features it holds. These include:


In terms of design, the Lelit Bianca espresso maker is a standout. It is constructed beautifully from stainless steel that also has nice walnut accents. It has unique walnut handles and knobs that sort of showcase its overall quality. The overall design of this machine also looks elegant.

Size and Shape

A dual coffee maker utilizes two different brewers, so there is a great possibility that it is heavy overall. Since the Lelit Bianca has almost the same premise in its operation, it is no longer surprising to see it being on the heavy side. Despite being extremely heavy, though, you will still love this machine as it is compact, which means it will not take a lot of space in your kitchen. It can neatly fit in any corner in your kitchen.

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Brewing Capacity

I don’t think the Lelit Bianca espresso maker will leave any of its users disappointed and unimpressed in terms of brewing capacity. The reason is that it has an impressive brewing capacity. It features two stainless steel boilers, with each one being controlled by PID programming.

The presence of these two boilers makes it possible for you to program the steaming temperature in a way that makes it independent from the brewing temperature. With that, you don’t have to wait for a long time for the machine to cool down or heat up in between steaming and brewing.

PID Temperature Control

The built-in PID temperature control is also a big advantage. It increases the programmability of this machine, allowing you to program it for several functions – pre-infusion, proper dual loop PID, steam on or off, and shot timer, among many other features and functions.

Paddle Power

This machine’s paddle power is so impressive that it gives you full control over the flow. You can get such control with the aid of the wooden paddle that you can find over the E61 group head. With this paddle, you can easily control the valve that allows water from the boiler.


With the user-friendliness of the Lelit Bianca, I am one hundred percent sure that you will never have difficulties mastering it. It would be a great machine to use when planning to enjoy the effectiveness of black coffee and other variations of instant coffee. It is easy to use this semi-automatic espresso machine for a number of coffee-making tasks. You will even continue having a strong interest in its flow profiling options, considering the simplicity of its usage.

Features of Lelit Bianca

Milk Frothing

You will also surely love this machine’s milk frothing system. It even allows you to froth sufficient amounts of silky micro-foam for a couple of lattes in just less than thirty seconds. Café latte has a creamy and gentle taste that you will surely love, and you can expect to enjoy that with the milk frothing system integrated into this espresso maker.


There are also several useful accessories included when you decide to invest in the Lelit Bianca espresso maker. Among the valuable accessories that you can use upon purchase is a portafilter with one and two shots of filters, blind filter, stainless steel tamper, bottomless portafilter, and microfiber cloth. You can also get a hold of the group cleaning brush and some accessories designed for direct water plumbing. In addition, you will get a coffee measuring spoon and espresso cup rack – all of which are useful in enjoying the process of making coffee.


The durability of this machine is decent. It has a solid build, plus it is constructed with copper tubing and parts that are not that hard to fix in case there are issues with them. With that said, there is a very high chance that you will enjoy using this machine for a long time.

Energy Saving

Another advantage of Lelit Bianca is that it has a good energy-saving system, which allows you to program a stand-by time once you have disabled the steam boiler. It can also retain a steady temperature while keeping the warming cup surface’s efficiency at only 80 percent. You can then expect the machine to go back to the full energy setting within just ten minutes, which can supply significant energy savings.

How to Use Lelit Bianca

Step 1 – Program the pre-infusion

You can choose from electronic or manual pre-infusion, depending on how much you wish to get involved in the process.

Step 2 – Control the features based on your preferences

In this case, you may want to use its LCD, which is a great addition in high resolution. It is here where you can make adjustments to the brew boiler temperatures and steam. You can also set the time for infusion and monitor the dose counter.  

Step 3 – Start a shot

When that happens, expect the LCD to serve automatically as the machine’s PID short-timer.

Step 4 – Set the standby time

This capability is great as it lets you drop the temperature to around 158 degrees Fahrenheit. It also lets the cup warmer operate at an 80% capacity.


How to Clean Lelit Bianca

Step 1 – Clean the portafilter and steam wand

Ensure that you do not do the cleaning in a dishwasher, though. The machine also needs to receive a thorough cleaning every week. This is especially necessary if you use it almost every day.

Step 2 – Backflush the machine

You have to do this once every month. Backflushing requires you to use a blind filter and special detergent. If you are unfamiliar with a blind filter, note that it refers to a filter without any exit hole. It forces water to the machine again then flushes the system.

Step 3 – Descale regularly

Provide a proprietary cartridge, which works in filtering and softening the water. Replace it regularly. Ensure to monitor the machine, so you will know right away if there is a limescale buildup. After that, descale.


Does More Spending Mean More Quality

The Lelit Bianca espresso machine is expensive, but it never fails its users in terms of quality and style. This means that if you spend more on this specific machine, you will also enjoy its overall quality. Aside from its genuinely stylish and unique aesthetics, composed of walnut wood accents, you will also enjoy its overall functionality. This is brought on by its flow profiling system and two powerful boilers that make it perfect for offices and home baristas who want their espressos to be perfect.

Do’s and Don’ts With Lelit Bianca


  • Use the flow control paddle to do gentle manual pre-infusion. You may also find this feature useful in making more versatile shots, giving you the chance to play and experiment with different profiles.
  • Ensure that the plastic or rubber water intake line is properly arranged when you fill-up the reservoir. This is important in ensuring that you fully submerge it and it touches the reservoir’s bottom.
  • Clean and take care of its parts regularly. Some of the things you should do that form part of its cleaning and maintenance are cleaning the portafilter and shower screen and backflushing on a schedule. It is also advisable to use filtered water all the time.


  • Do not let the water spill over the machine when you are filling it. You have to be extra careful when doing this thing to prevent possible electrical damage.
  • Do not wash or clean the machine’s parts in the dishwasher. Remember that it is not meant for use in the dishwasher.

FAQ About Lelit Bianca

Is Lelit a good brand?

Yes, Lelit has been producing coffee-making machines of great quality for a long time already. With that in mind, there is a great assurance that it will not let you down in quality, performance, and building.

Where are Lelit espresso machines made?

FAQ About Lelit Bianca

All the espresso machines from Lelit are produced, designed, and made in Italy. Most of them were also made so that similar components and technologies you can see in commercial bar machines are used. With that said, expect the machines to provide the ideal water pressure conditions and temperature required for making the best espressos.

How do you drain a Lelit Bianca?

One advantage of the Lelit Bianca is that you can connect it to a waterline if necessary. Once it is already plumbed in, refilling the boilers will be automatic, so it would not be necessary to pour the water yourself. It also has an exclusively made filtration and softening cartridge that you can easily install into the reservoir.

You can use this filter for draining. All it takes is immersing the pitcher full of water, then let it soak for around three minutes. After that, take the filter away from the water. You will also have to remove the net filter that you can see at the water charge hose. Once done, you can insert the filter for water softening into the hose then put the filter into the tank.


If you are searching for a beautifully made espresso machine, then the Lelit Bianca will surely not let you down. It has plenty of unique and valuable features that make buying it so worth it. Moreover, it guarantees flexible profiling while serving its purpose for a long time. 

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