If you are a coffee enthusiast, buying a coffee maker will save you not only time but also the money that you might spend at your local coffee shop every day.

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One of the best makers of coffee is Keurig and their Keurig K55 model is by far the simplest model in the market.

It doesn’t have the large LED screen, temperature control, clock or a high altitude setting that is evident when you compare the Keurig k475 vs Keurig k557 coffee makers. It also doesn’t cost a lot as other models. 

That begs the question: Why should you even bother buying this model in the first place when there are newer models that have better specifications? 

While the Keurig K55 doesn’t come equipped with all the cool features that newer models have, it still brews great coffee at the end of the day.

Compared to the world’s best pour over kettle models and considering that it will just cost you half the price of the likes of K575 and K475, it is a great entry-level coffee maker that will fit right into any home. 

What Is Keurig K55

Making a great cup of coffee is highly dependent on the coffee making machine that you have. A common misconception is that coffee makers that are used in local coffee shops are usually high end and expensive.

You would be surprised to know that you can also afford to buy your own machine for coffee that you can use at home rather than going to the coffee shop for your daily cup of Joe. 

One such coffee maker is the Keurig K55 model. It is a premium coffee brewer that allows you to enjoy your favorite coffee flavor and type any day. 

It has great features that allow you to brew your coffee within a minute. All you need is to press the right buttons for the specific cup of coffee and the machine will do the rest for you. 

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With the K55, you can brew different coffee brands and the machine is also versatile such that it can be used to make other beverages like iced drinks, hot chocolate and tea.

If you love home ground coffee, you would be pleased to know that the K55 can be used alongside a reusable filter so that you can ground and brew your coffee. 

Benefits of Using Keurig K55

Benefits of Using Keurig K55

While the Keurig K55 coffee maker lacks the cool features that modern models have, it still does a pretty good job of brewing coffee and the fact that it costs half the price is another great reason to purchase this model.

Brews Multiple Cup Sizes

One of the best things and the main selling point of the K55 model is that you can brew multiple cup sizes with it be it 6, 8 or 10oz cups. 

It is, however, recommended that you use the brew size of 6 oz with the machine if you prefer strong coffee. While the other sizes are just as good, if you love strong coffee, consistency may be a tad thin for these sizes. 

Large Water Reservoir

One of the features that most people look for when buying a coffee maker is the size of the water reservoir. The last thing you want is a coffee machine that will force you to keep refilling the reservoir. 

Luckily, this is one thing you never have to worry about with the Keurig K55 since the machine comes with a large 48oz water reservoir.

If you live alone and only need to brew one cup of coffee maybe twice a day, the water will last you for several days without feeling the need to refill the reservoir. 

Has 4 K-Cup Pods

If you are looking to brew instant coffee that will renew your energy, then the K55 model will work for you. The model comes with a 4–Cup pod variety pack. With this pack, you can be assured of exquisite coffee as well as hot cocoa.

If you run out of pods, you need not worry since they are available in all shops and the machine is compatible with all K-cup pod brands. 

Descaling Is Possible

If you buy a coffee maker, one of the maintenance activities that you need to be aware of is descaling to prevent break down. 

Keurig has ensured that descaling is possible in all their models and this includes the K55. Descaling is the process of getting rid of excessive calcium deposits in your coffee maker.

For a smooth and error-free brewing, you need to ensure that you descale every three months.

Automatic Timers

With on and off buttons, you must admit that most of the time you forget to switch off your machine. The Keurig K55 model has automatic timers that switch off the machine automatically 2 hours after the last cup of coffee has been brewed taking the stress off. 

There are also lights and buttons that control other functions. For instance, there is an automatic indication that dictates when the water reservoir needs to be refilled. 

There is also an indicator that shows when the coffee maker needs to be descaled to prevent breakdown that may result from too much calcium buildup. 

How Does Keurig K55 Work

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The Keurig K55 runs at 1500wats and 110 to 120 volts which are the North American standards. It can brew K-Cup pods at 193 degrees F and K-Carafe at 197 degrees F.

The machine offers 3 cup size options from 6, 8 to 10oz. Compared to other Keurig models, the K55 doesn’t have a carafe option. 

You can, however, use any brand of K-Cups and that includes refillable ones giving you the freedom to brew different coffee varieties. Warming up the machine to brew a cup of coffee in the morning shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. 

The brewing process itself is fast taking just 30 seconds for 6oz. When you turn on the machine, warming up takes at least 4 minutes. The good news, however, is that it will only take about 15 seconds to warm up when you are brewing your next cup of coffee. 

Pros and Cons of Keurig K55

Just like with other Keurig models, the K55 has advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of before you make a purchase:


  • Gives the flexibility of brewing different cup sizes from 60z, 8oz to 10oz.
  • Very easy to install as well as use since the machine comes with a detailed manual.
  • Though the machine is simple, it still offers the option of trying out different coffee flavors which takes your coffee drinking experience to a whole other level.
  • Has automatic timers and indicators that automatically switch off the machine, tells you when to descale and refill the reservoir.
  • The design is compact and stylish and will add a certain kind of beauty to your kitchen.
  • Descaling is possible ensuring that calcium doesn’t build up too much that it causes the coffee maker to breakdown.
  • Comes with a large water reservoir that ensures that you don’t refill it for a few days.
  • Has a removable drip as well as a water tank for easy cleaning.
  • Comes with two water filters and a handle to ensure great tasting coffee every day.


  • Some users have complained that the model gets clogged too easily despite the descaling feature.
  • Doesn’t have a high altitude setting that is found in other models like the K575 and K475.
  • Has no temperature control setting which can affect the quality of your coffee.

Keurig K55 Features

The Keurig K55 continues to enjoy success despite the existence of other modern models. It is affordable and brews a good cup of coffee. Here are the features of the K55 models that you should be aware of:

Brew Sizes

One of the best features of the K55 model is the different brew sizes that it is capable of. You can pick any brew size from 6oz, 8oz to 10oz. 

All you need to do is to insert the K-cup and then select the button that corresponds to the size of the brew that you want. The largest cup is the 10oz which some people find too small, especially when you are using a travel mug. 

However, there is always the option of brewing more than one K-cup since it doesn’t take you more than two minutes to do that. 

Coffee Quality

The quality of coffee when you use the Keurig K55 model is not as good as with other high-end models since it lacks the option of customizing your coffee. 

The taste of the coffee is rather basic depending on the K-cup that you use. There is no option to change the water temperature which ends up limiting the flavor variety.

You can use the cup sizes to vary the strength of your coffee, however, more water will produce weaker coffee and less will produce a stronger cup that you can sweeten with the best coffee syrups in the market. 

Some users have reported that their coffee tasted rather plastic. This can result when you don’t run a couple of empty cycles when you first activate the coffee maker. It can also result from brewing your coffee too lightly. 

The K55 comes with an optional Keurig coffee K-cup that you can use to ground coffee if you want a specific roast. 

Compatible Pods

The K55 coffee maker comes with 4 K-Cup variety pack that allows you to make exquisite coffee and hot cocoa. When the pods are finished, you don’t have to worry about where to get others as they can easily be bought in all shops. 

Additionally, it’s compatible with all coffee pod brands. Since K-Cup pods retail at different prices, this means that you are free to choose those flavors that are ideal for your taste as well as budget. 

The K55 model, in as much as it doesn’t have all the cool features that come with other Keurig brands, still gives you a rich experience when it comes to coffee brewing. 

Keurig K55 Compatible Pods

Drip Tray

If you have ever used a coffee maker, you know just how difficult cleaning can be especially if the parts are not removable. Removable parts make the job easier.

The drip tray is where excess coffee and splatter accumulates and being able to slip it out makes the cleaning process and maintenance less tedious. 

The drip tray is also large enough with a clearance of 7 inches and that’s why you can use your travel mug with the K55 rather than relying on the small K-Cups. 

4 K-Cup Pods

The Keurig K55 model is one of the classic 1.0 series and since there is no barcode scanner, it means that you can use any type of K-Cup pods whether they are Keurig branded or not. 

The model comes with a 4 K-Cup variety pack that allows you to make exquisite coffee and hot cocoa when needed. If you also prefer freshly ground coffee, with the K55, you can buy your reusable filter and you are good to go. 

Automatic Timers

If you have used coffee making machines before, you must admit that one of the issues you have to deal with is forgetting to switch off the coffee brewer when done, especially those that come with an on and off button.

To save you time and the stress of always remembering to switch off the machine, the Keurig K55 has automatic timers. The coffee maker is switched off automatically after two hours if there is no coffee being brewed. 

The programs are also controlled by buttons and indicator lights. When the reservoir needs to be refilled, for instance, you will notice an indication against the reservoir button.

Descaling is very important if you want your coffee maker to last you for years. This means knowing when the machine needs to be descaled.

The K55 model has made things easier since the indicator light comes on against the descaling button that tells you that the machine needs to be descaled to avoid break down. 


The design of the K55 model is simple, basic and very straightforward while still maintaining a sleek as well as a modern look that Keurig users have grown to love. 

The K55 has gone through various improvements and today the model is available in a variety of colors that include blue, red, white and black that allows you to match the coffee maker to the décor of the house to maintain the aesthetic. 

Besides the look, the design of the Keurig K55 is supposed to make it easy to use the coffee maker. All the buttons on the brewer are easy to find since they are all in one place. 

The coffee size buttons light up and the auto-off and power buttons have green lights to easily know when they are activated. 


One of the downsides of the Keurig K55 is the amount of plastic on it which suggests that it is not as durable as other models. 

When you are buying the K55, it is important to remember that it is not a range-topping brewer but simply a budget model. Consider your intended use before you make a purchase. 

If you will be using the machine all day, every day, then you need to think about the lifespan. While it comes with a first-year warranty, if you are a heavy user, you should probably consider going with another model even if it means spending more. 

Add Water Indicator

One of the best features of the Keurig K55 models is that it comes close to its more expensive counterparts in that it has useful automatic timers and indicators. 

While the model comes with a large 48oz water reservoir, you still need to refill the tank when it’s empty. It can be quite annoying when you want to make coffee only to realize that the water tank is empty.

Luckily, the K55 model comes with an add water indicator that comes on when the water reservoir is almost empty ensuring that you are not caught by surprise which could end up wasting your time especially when you want your coffee to go. 

Descale Indicator

The other feature that is a great selling point for the Keurig K55 is that it has a descaling indicator.

Depending on how salty the water you are using is, calcium deposits build up over time which can end up affecting the performance of the machine and not to mention the quality of your coffee.

Knowing when to descale the machine is an important part of the maintenance process and it can lengthen the life of your coffee maker. 

The descaling indicator lets you know when calcium has built up too much and you need to descale the machine. 

If the water where you live is too salty, you may be forced to descale the coffee maker more frequently than those living in less salty water areas. 

Keurig K55 Descale Indicator

Heating Light

The Keurig K55 also comes with a heating light that turns on when the machine is heating up and getting ready to brew coffee. The light should be off other times.

Usually, the heating process takes about 4 minutes when you are making the first cup of coffee in the morning and 15 seconds for the next cup.

Auto-Off Indicator

The other feature that makes the Keurig K55 model stand out is the auto-off indicator that comes with it and that should always be turned on. 

Since you sometimes will forget to turn off the machine, the auto-off indicator does that for you usually 2 hours after making the last cup of coffee. This helps prolong the life of the machine and, at the same time, saves energy when you are not around. 

Power Button

The power button is another feature that is found in K55 and it comes in handy during the brewing process. The reason why the power button is worth mentioning is that other Keurig models come with just a brew button and no power button. 

Big Water Tank (Reservoir)

The Keurig K55 model comes with a large water tank that can hold up to 48 ounces of water. This is an advantage since most single-serve coffee makers in its price range usually have smaller water reservoirs. 

While the reservoir can’t be compared to the K575’s 80oz tank, it is way better than the Nespresso Inissia’s 24-ounce tank. The water tank is made of BPA plastic and it is removable for easy cleaning.

The large water reservoir means that you don’t have to refill the tank as frequently as you would with other models. 

Performance and Functionality

The K55 model runs at 1500 watts and 110 to 120 standard volts. It can brew K-Cup pods at 193 degrees F and K-Carafe and Vue at 197 degrees F. 

It also offers 3 brewing cup sizes from 6oz, 8oz to 10oz. it, however, doesn’t have a carafe option like other Keurig models. It is possible to use any brand of K-Cups and that includes refillable ones giving you different tastes of coffee. 

Warming up the machine for the morning cup of coffee takes about 4 minutes and the brewing process 30 seconds for 6oz which is fast. 

User-Friendly Interface

If you have used other Keurig models like the K575, then you wouldn’t want to use the K55. While most people prefer a digital display like the K575’s, the simplicity of the K55’s interface makes it the easiest to use even for beginners. 

Ease of Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your Keurig K55, the process is rather stress-free. The fact that the water tank and drip trays are removable makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

After every couple of weeks, it is recommended that you remove the K-Cup holder, water reservoir and the drip tray and then use a toothbrush to clean the coffee grounds and other debris that may have accumulated and then use a damp cloth to wipe down.

You can use a mild detergent to clean the removable parts and you are good to go with your maintenance.  


The Keurig K55 comes with a one-year limited warranty which will come in handy should you experience any problems with the machine.

It is important to read the fine print to know exactly what repairs are covered under warranty and under what conditions you can make a claim. 

How to Set Up Keurig K55

When you purchase a K55, the first thing you should do is take the user and care guide out of the box. The step by step instructions that are in it is all you need to set up your machine properly. 

While the setup process can be completed in a few minutes, here are a few steps to follow first:

Step 1 – Pre-soaking the charcoal filter

The first thing you do is pre-soak the charcoal water filter for about 5 minutes before you insert it into the holder.

Step 2 – Rinse the stainless steel mesh

Ensure that you rinse the stainless steel mesh for about a minute. The mesh is located under the lower filter holder. Allow it to sit under running water for a minute or so. 

Step 3 – Wash the filter holders

The next thing you should do is clean the upper and lower filter holder to remove any dirt that may have accumulated. 

Step 4 – Insert the water filter

When the water filter is clean, insert it into the holder. 

Step 5 – Set replacement date

Next, set the replacement date for the filter to two months for easy maintenance and to avoid the case where you forget to replace the filter. 

Step 6 – Place the assembled water filter holder

After you have fully assembled the water filter hold, put it into its slot in the reservoir and you are good to go. It is always advisable to clean a coffee maker the first time you buy it before you brew your first cup of coffee to avoid the plastic taste. 


How to Brew Coffee Properly with Keurig K55

Brewing coffee with the K55 model is very easy and straightforward and this simplicity is a key selling point of this model. 

With the K55, there are no menu options that might overwhelm you like in other more expensive and intricate coffee makers like the K575. All you need is to push a few buttons and the machine will do the rest. 

Step 1 – Focus on the K-Cup pod

The first thing you need to do to make a proper cup of coffee that tastes great with your K55 is to put the focus on the K-Cup pod or your freshly ground coffee. 

Step 2 – Use bottled or filtered water

When it comes to brewing the best quality of coffee, you need to use filtered water and if that’s not possible bottled water if you have any. 

Step 3 – Don’t remove the K-Cup pod foil lid

When you pop the K-Cup pod into the coffee maker, there is a metal that pierces the holder above and punches a hole in the top hence the reason why you shouldn’t remove the foil lid. 

Hot water then enters the hole and it is dispersed over the coffee. Another piercing holder punches a hole at the bottom allowing water to flow into the paper filter and then into the cup.  


How to Clean and Descale Keurig K55

With a coffee maker, minerals are bound to build up inside the machine that can clog it up and affect performance and the taste and quality of the coffee. Descaling is a process that helps get rid of these minerals and it’s a process that you shouldn’t overlook.  

Luckily, descaling your Keurig K55 is easy. You should ensure that you run a full descale every three to four months depending on the mineral content of the water in your area. 

Step 1 – Top the water reservoir

Begin by topping the water tank with 10oz of descaling solution. 

Step 2 – Place a mug on the drip tray

Place a mug or a pitcher on the drip tray, lift that handle, wait five seconds and then close it ensuring that there is no K-Cup in the coffee machine.

Step 3 – Press the brew button

Proceed to press the brew button. After the light flashes red, it will run a solid red. After that, you have to wait until the descaling solution has been discharged before emptying the cup. 

Step 4 – Add more descaling solution

Add another 10 oz of your descaling solution into the reservoir, lift the handle, wait 5 minutes and then close it. The same flashing will come on and then a solid red light. 

Step 5 – Turn off the machine

Turn off the coffee machine and leave it for about half an hour. After that, run it, open and close the handle and then hit the brew button. 

Step 6 – Discard the solution

Discard the solution and then fill the reservoir with cold water. 

Step 7 – Press brew and discard the water

Lift and shut the handle of the machine and then hit the brew button. Discard the water and then repeat the process with clean water at least 3 times. Finally, you can wipe with a damp cloth and your K55 is fully descaled and ready to be used. 


Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When you are buying a coffee maker, more spending does mean more quality. This is because expensive models have better features like temperature control setting, altitude setting and a large display.

However, with a Keurig K55, it is the simplest model that you will ever have that costs half the price of what most refer to modern coffee makers.

While it doesn’t have the cool features that come with models like the K575, at the end of the day, it makes great coffee which is a plus considering its price range. It is compatible with any K-Cup models, Keurig branded or not. 

Do’s and Don’ts to Do With Keurig K55

  • Do descale your K55 every once in a while depending on the salt levels in the water you use.
  • Do ensure that you clean the machine, especially the filters and the filter handles before you use the brewer for the first time.
  • Do remove the water reservoir and the drip tray every few weeks to clean them.
  • Don’t remove the foil lid that is found on the K-Cup pod if you want to make a great cup of coffee.

FAQ About Keurig K55

Which is better Keurig K50 or K55?

The Keurig K55 is an improvement of the K50. While they have the same appearance, there are a few notable differences. For instance, the K55 model had a descaling system and the K-Cup compatibility is also much better with the machine. If you are torn between the two, the K55 is always better. 

How is the Keurig K55 Classic Series different than other Keurig models?

The K55 classic series is different than other Keurig models that came before it in that it has way more functions as well as capabilities with the key difference being a water filter. It also has a timer such that you can control the amount of time it takes to brew a cup of coffee. 

How many different sizes of coffee can you brew with the Keurig K55?

You can brew three different sizes of coffee with your Keurig K55 and they include 6oz, 8oz and 10oz brews. 

Are K-Mug and K-Carafe pods compatible with the Keurig K55 coffee maker?

The answer is no. K-mug and K-Carafe pods are not compatible with the K-55 coffee maker. They are made specifically to work on Keurig Plus Series coffee makers. 

Can you adjust the temperature of the water for brewing coffee with the K55?

The water temperature can’t be adjusted with the K55 coffee makers. 

Is the K55 dual-voltage?

The K-55 is not dual voltage. The machine will run just fine if your electricity runs on 110 or 120 volts. It does not, however, work with a 220 volt supply in which case you need to get yourself a converter. 

How regularly do you need to change the filter for Keurig K55?

According to Keurig, the filters should be changed every 2 months. If you don’t make coffee every day, you can change the filter after about 60 reservoir refills. 

Is there a storage drawer with the Keurig K55?

The Keurig K55 doesn’t come with a storage drawer but you can purchase one separately. 

Are there programmable presets on the K55?

The answer is no. The K55 is a pretty basic coffee maker and as such, it is not possible to set it to kick in at a preset time. 


When it comes to coffee machines, Keurig is the best-known manufacturer. One such coffee maker that is simple and easy to use is the K55. While it doesn’t have all the cool features that are found in other modern models like the K575, it still makes a pretty decent cup of coffee, although the quality is not the same.

It is also not possible to customize your coffee with this model which is one thing you need to be aware of before you make a purchase.

Photos from: Amaviael / depositphotos.com and ehrlif / depositphotos.com.

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