Is it a real challenge for you to wake up every morning? If even after eight hours of sleep, you still lack some energy, it is time to look for something to make your mornings better. It is not a secret that the best way to deal with your morning routine and feel less groggy is a good mug of warm coffee.

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However, for many people, it is just not enough and they need something more than just a regular coffee from your local supermarket. Unable to start your day properly and maintain your energy, you will likely be obliged to have not only one but two, three and even four cups of coffee. 

In fact, it is a rather common issue for lots of people. As a result, in 2010, one of those people, Mike Brown, came up with an idea to create very strong and energizing coffee. After some experiments and explorations, Death Wish Coffee Co was created in 2012.

This coffee is considered as an absolute opposite to weak coffee. In fact, the brand is known as the strongest coffee that you can possibly find in the whole world.

You can be absolutely sure that it will fill you with energy and boost your body so you can easily go through your daily routine and work. Just have a mug of Death Wish Coffee and you are ready to conquer the whole world. 

What Is Death Wish Coffee

The best way to understand what exactly is Death Wish Coffee is to take a look at its package. Right on the front of it, you can see a warning in large letters that says: “WARNING: WORLD’S STRONGEST CUP OF COFFEE.”

If you are brave enough to buy and open the bag of Death Wish Coffee, you will be greeted with rich nutty and even smoky aroma that will make you absolutely breathless. After it, you will hardly be able to reduce the urge to brew a cup and try it. And believe us, you will not be disappointed as the coffee tastes absolutely great.

When you try it, you will be convinced that it has nothing to do with your regular coffee. The reason is not only its flavor or aroma. It is also about the way it boosts your energy. In fact, just one cup enough to make stay up all night up without even the little thought about getting some sleep. If you need a real caffeine kick, Death Wish Coffee is for sure exactly what you need.

One other great thing about this coffee is that despite being strong, it is not overwhelming, harsh or tasting burnt. You will for sure get a mug of coffee with a perfectly balanced and full flavor with nutty notes. In simple words, Death Wish Coffee is not that burnt and tannic strong coffee but rather full-bodied and rich dring with a good amount of caffeine. 

One of the best things about Death Wish Coffee is that you can find a package option that suits your needs perfectly. The brand offers both whole-bean and ground coffee as well as premium K-cups for Keurig machines that are also called “death pods”.

Moreover, you can be sure that the coffee inside the package is exactly what is described on the label. The point is that all beans offered by the company are USDA certified.

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When it comes to strong coffee, most options are just some cheap burnt beans with bad taste and aroma, but Death Wish Coffee is an absolutely different story. Each package of this brand contains organic beans with excellent flavor. 

The company opts for sustainable farming products and practices in order to make sure your coffee is not only strong and tasty but also safe and free of harmful pesticides and insecticides. In fact, they give preference to natural growing processes when farming their organic coffee. Using those practices, they make the soil healthier so coffee beans can get all those nutrients it really needs.

In other words, they produce not only tasty and healthy coffee but also protect the environment.

Benefits of Drinking Death Wish Coffee

Incredible Caffeine Boost

You just need to take one sip of your Death Wish Coffee and you will feel an incredible energy boost immediately. One standard mug of Death Wish Coffee is equated to whole three shots of good espresso. Just make yourself one mug of this coffee and do not waste your time on coming back to the coffee maker to get one another cup of it. 

Explosively Rich Flavor

Death Wish Coffee is, for sure, the strongest coffee you can find. However, strong does not always mean tasty. Nevertheless, Death Wish Coffee combines both these things really well. Death Wish Coffee can impress you with earthy taste with notes of chocolate and spices. All this deliciousness is accompanied by a slight cherry-like sweetness.

Great Cost Efficiency

If you need lots of coffee in order to proceed through your everyday routine, it can become really expensive, especially if you give preference to some high-end beans. However, when it comes to Death Wish Coffee, you need just one mug of coffee to make you keep going and dealing with your regular tasks. It means that your bag of coffee will last much longer as you need fewer cups per day.

Makes You Look Really Cool

There are lots of people who like and enjoy coffee; however, not all of them are ready to drink this one. You for sure need to have some really strong coffee running through your veins in order to be able to enjoy Death Wish Coffee on its fullest. If you are among those who cannot imagine their life without this coffee, you have some reason to be proud of yourself.

All in all, as you can see, Death Wish Coffee has some absolutely great benefits. Of course, one of the greatest things about it is a perfect combination of cost efficiency and caffeine boost, which means that you can be more energetic while spending less money. 

How Does Death Wish Coffee Work

How Does Death Wish Coffee Work

As we have mentioned numerous times before, Death Wish Coffee is known as the strongest coffee in the world. Due to the perfect combination of unique beans’ blend and specially designed roasting process, the company was able to create the absolutely amazing coffee that can easily charge your inner batteries. In fact, Death Wish Coffee creators have any right to call their creation the best coffee in the world. 

You need to know that Death Wish Coffee is for sure, not an option for faint-hearted. Due to its caffeine content, it stands out significantly among all other brands offered in the modern market. 

While offering just this one blend of coffee, the company made sure it will meet the needs of all the potential customers. If you prefer grinding coffee beans on your own, you can buy a package of whole beans. However, if it is not an option for you due to any reason, you can always give preference to the pre-ground coffee. The company also took into consideration the needs of those who use Keurig coffee makers and created their Death Cups. 

This coffee is a perfect option for real coffee fans and those who can survive through their day without a cup of coffee with a good amount of caffeine. Even if you are not one of those mentioned above, you may still give it a try as Death Wish Coffee can impress you with something more than just a high caffeine content. 

Short History of Death Wish Coffee

The whole story of Death Wish Coffee started at the little town of Saragota Springs in the state of New York. Back then, it was just one of the numerous coffee shops in the town. In 2012, the owner of the shop and the founder of the company Mike Brown set quite a big goal – to create the strongest coffee in the world. 

Pursuing his goal, Mike Brown spend lots of time sourcing the beans and looking for the best roasting. As a result, he was able to create a unique roasting method that became a hallmark of the company. Also, it is exactly the roasting method that makes Death Wish Coffee so strong and tasty. 

One other important point in the history of this company was when it was able to both fair trade and USDA certifications. Due to it, Death Wish Coffee Co is known as a very environmentally friendly and Earth-conscious brand. While paying attention to the needs and preferences of their customers, Death Wish Coffee Co makes sure that their production process is safe and harmless. 

Pros and Cons of Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is, for sure, absolutely great. However, it has not only some advantages but some disadvantages as well. Below, we have listed all of them.


  • Really strong and incredibly long-lasting caffeine kick
  • USDA certified organic beans and fair trade certificate
  • Great flavor without excessive bitterness

If you have already spent lots of your time looking for a high-quality coffee with a high caffeine content, Death Wish Coffee is for sure worth your attention and money. Moreover, for real fans of this coffee, the company offers a subscription in order to make sure that their clients always have enough amount of their favorite drink. 


When it comes to disadvantages, there is only one that you should keep in mind. While being its hallmark and one of the main advantages, the high content of caffeine in Deth Wish Coffee can be a great problem as well. As it was said before, an average cup of Death Wish Coffee contains the same amount of caffeine as several shots of espresso. 

The point is that every person is unique, which means that the same amount of caffeine may have different effects on different people. Those people who used to drink lots of coffee can probably easily deal with a mug of Death Wish Coffee.

However, those who drink just a little coffee or prefer some light brew should be very careful with this coffee. If you suddenly decide to increase drastically the amount of caffeine you consume per day, it may lead to such problems as an irregular heartbeat, nervousness, and irritability.

Also, there are people who suffer from insomnia or anxiety and they should pay much attention to their daily caffeine intake as a large amount of it can trigger different symptoms and even cause some severe side effects. If you want to avoid the problems, you need to evaluate your regular daily caffeine intake properly and compare it with the amount of caffeine in one mug of Death Wish Coffee.

In case the difference is great, it is better to avoid the risk. Also, it is a good idea to address your doctor and ask for a piece of advice. 

Features of Death Wish Coffee

Caffeine Amount

The beans used for Death Wish Coffee are grown in India and Peru. However, the company may use the beans from different regions of those countries in order to make sure that they are strong enough. The point is that the strength of coffee may change depending on climate changes, so there are qualified specialists that test every sample to find the best option. 

You need to know that it is mainly the type of coffee bean that determines the amount of caffeine rather than roasting. Nevertheless, Death Wish Coffee Co has a unique roasting process that is designed specifically to make your coffee stronger. The company keeps the information about the roasting process in secret so you will hardly be able to find any significant facts about it. 

We can suggest that when it comes to this unique roasting method, it has a bigger impact on the consistency and flavor of Death Wish Coffee than caffeine content. One other point is that dark roast coffee tends to feel more caffeinated than light roasts. It can be one of the main reasons why, according to the brewing instruction on the package, you need to use about 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 oz of water. 


Of course, the sustainability of coffee has little to do with its flavor; however, it shows well the moral quality of the producer. Death Wish Coffee company offers a certified Fair Trade product. If you want to learn more about this aspect of company policy, you can visit its official website where you can find info about the reasons why the company decided to pursue this way. 

There are lots of technicalities related to the issue that you can find on the official website related to the Fair Trade certification. If we try to put it in simple words, the farming sight has some so-called safeguards that make sure that the farmers get fair payments for their work, no child or forced work is used, the quality of the goods meets the requirements, and so on.


Features of Death Wish Coffee - Freshness

Each package of Death Wish Coffee, whether it is a box or a bag, has a clear “sell by” date. Just keep in mind that while, for example, instant coffee has a long shelf life, Death Wish Coffee can be stored for too long. The only point is that you will not be able to find the date when your coffee was roasted.

Of course, when it comes to some companies with weak or even bad reputation, it can be a great issue and you can assume that the beans were not really fresh. However, when it comes to Death Wish Coffee Co, there is no reason to doubt the quality and freshness of the product they offer. 

According to the reviews and feedbacks, Death Wish Coffee always looks and tastes fresh and you will hardly be able to find any bad or at least unpleasant aftertastes. Of course, while most people would like to have this info indicated on the package, the coffee is still always great and of good quality. 

If you want to avoid any issues related to the freshness of your coffee, you can always opt for the coffee beans instead of pre-ground coffee. The only thing you need to have in this case is a coffee grinder.


When it is the first time you buy a cup or a package of coffee, you for sure expect it to be pleasant and tasty. When it comes to Death Wish Coffee, it is not only strong but also really tasty. It may lack a little depth of taste, but still, it is really good. You will, for sure, enjoy those soft nutty and chocolate notes with some pleasant sweetness. 

You can drink your mug of a Death Wish Coffee, both black or with some creamer; it will still be great and delicious while not overwhelming. 


As any real coffee fan, you, for sure, enjoy the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee. In fact, it is one of the most important things about coffee, as it is the first thing that you feel while brewing your coffee and a great aroma tends to make you feel energetic, warm, and even excited. In other words, as soon as you sense a great aroma of your coffee, you just have the physical need to try it and enjoy it as soon as possible. 

Speaking of Death Wish Coffee, it doesn’t have a really strong aroma. It is rather soft and slightly sweet, which makes you feel warm and relaxed. However, if you prefer some strong aroma, Death Wish Coffee cannot be an option for you. Nevertheless, we recommend you give it a try before judging. 


Death Wish Coffee is known for its medium and sometimes even heavy acidity. However, it is not really strong to the point when it becomes overwhelming. It perfectly balances and complements the nutty flavor of this coffee. 

If you want to get some deeper and stronger flavor as well as the acidity of Death Wish Coffee, we highly recommend you to give preference to a higher water-coffee ratio (18 ml per 1 gram of grounds) when brewing your coffee. However, if you want to reduce the acidity, you need to remember that cold brew coffee has less acidity


The best thing about Death Wish Coffee is that while being really strong and full-bodied, it is never overwhelming or overpowering. Moreover, despite the brewing method, you can always enjoy a good mug of full-bodied coffee. Even two paper filters with an Aeropress can change it. 

How to Brew Death Wish Coffee

As any coffee, Death Wish Coffee can be brewed with different methods, which means that you can even try coffee made in a stovetop espresso machine. However, there are some of them that allow you to get all the best qualities of this coffee in your cup. Below, we have created step-by-step guides for each of these methods. 

How to Brew Death Wish Coffee Using a French Press

If you prefer using a French Press to brew your Death Wish Coffee, in fact, you just need to follow some simple instructions provided by the manufacturer. Just visit the Death Wish Coffee website and you can find there the description of the French Press brewing method that will provide you with a cup of the strongest coffee you have ever had in your life. 

Step 1 – Grind your coffee

If you are using coffee beans, you need to grind it before brewing. Just switch on the coarse settings for your grinder and put some beans into it. As a result, you will get the grounds of the size of rock salt. 

Step 2 – Heat water

Pour some water into your kettle and heat it up to 205 degrees on Fahrenheit or 96 degrees on Celsium. 

Step 3 – Pour water into the French press

As soon as the water is hot enough, pour it into your French Press. You do not need to feel the whole tank at once. Just pour enough to cover the grounds. 

Step 4 – Let it soak

Leave the water for about 30-60 seconds so it can soak the coffee-grounds well. 

Step 5 – Add more water

As soon as grounds are soaked, pour the remaining water into the tank until it is full. Use circular motions while pouring water in the tank.

Step 6 – Let it steep

Leave it for about 4 minutes so it can steep properly. As soon as the time is up, press the lever all the way down slowly.

Now, it is time to take your favorite cup and fill it with some tasty coffee. Want to keep it warm longer so you can enjoy your drink as long as you want? Stainless steel mug keeps your coffee warm for longer


How to Brew Death Wish Coffee Using an Aeropress

Aeropress is one another brewing method that is absolutely great for Death Wish Coffee. Below, there is a step-by-step guide on how to brew Death Wish Coffee with Aeropress.

Step 1 – Grind your coffee

In case you have whole beans, you need to grind them before starting brewing. Just take 15 grams of coffee and grind until you have pretty fine grounds.

Step 2 – Put coffee in Aeropress and add water

Now, you need to assemble your Aeropress following the manufacturer instructions, locate the cone on top of it, and add there your ground coffee.

Preheat water and pour about 30 ml of it into a cone. Stir your coffee slightly and leave it for 30 seconds so it can soak. After it, pour the remaining water and position the cap of your Aeropress on top of your mug. Now, it is time to pour about 100 ml of water there. 

Step 3 – Squish it out

Cover your Aeropress with a special lid and put it onto your mug. Press the moving tube gently until you hear hissing noises.

Just your Aeropress off your mug and enjoy your drink. Do not forget to add some creamer or sweetener if necessary. For example, you can add syrup to your morning coffee. If necessary, you can use the world’s best mug warmer to keep your coffee hot. 


How to Make Death Wish Coffee Without a Brewer

Just imagine this nightmare when you have just woke up and need a good cup of coffee so you can start your day, but your coffee machine is not working and you do not have any other brewer. Of course, it is not like a great catastrophe, but it may spoil your day greatly, especially if you are not a morning person.

However, you do not need to have a brewer to make your regular morning cup of Death Wish Coffee. Of course, in the modern world, with all those modern technologies, it may sound strange for most people, but it may be a situation when you have no other option. 

Step 1 – Grind your coffee beans

Do you have only whole beans and no pre-ground coffee? Just grind some amount of coffee beans on your own. 

Step 2 – Add coffee into your cup

Put the grounds into your regular coffee cup or mug

Step 3 – Boil and add water

Fill your kettle with some fresh, clean water and boil it on your stove. As soon as it is ready, just pour it right into your mug with coffee grounds.

Step 4 – Let it sit

Let your coffee sit for several minutes and, after it, stir it slightly. If you do not want to drink your coffee with grains and residue, use a strainer so you can get rid of it.

As we have said before, any coffee fan has some brewing utensils at their kitchen. For example, you may have a stainless steel brewer as brewing in stainless steel coffee machine tastes better. However, there can be situations when you cannot use all these devices, but it is not a reason to forget about your regular morning coffee.

Of course, you will hardly be able to get extra delicious coffee with such a simple method, but still, you can get a good cup of coffee. It is a very easy and fast option, and it is a perfect choice when there are no other options to brew your coffee.

Death Wish Coffee Alternatives

If you cannot find Death Wish Coffee in your local store or feel like it is too strong for you but still need something really strong, there are several alternative options in the market. Below, we have listed some of the most popular highly caffeinated coffee options that you may be interested in.

Biohazard Coffee

Biohazard is known as one other strongest coffee in the world. In fact, it has even more caffeine than Death Wish Coffee, but the main point is that it has no Arabica beans. Death Wish – it is a blend of both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. However, when it comes to Biohazard Coffee, it contains only Robusta beans. Robusta is more caffeinated than Arabica, so it is clear that Biohazard is stronger than Death Wish, but also its flavor and aroma are not so great and rich.

Killer Coffee

Killer Coffee is an Australian coffee brand that is incredibly popular in the South Pacific region and gains popularity all over the world. Killer Coffee is just slightly less strong than Death Wish Coffee. However, the main point about this coffee is that it perfectly combines both high caffeine content and really artisan perfection. It has absolutely amazing, smooth taste and great aroma. 

It is for sure one of the best options for those who look for really strong coffee that has a great quality as well.

Black Insomnia

Black Insomnia is one other brand that offers one of the strongest coffees in the world. In fact, it is just right behind Death Wish Coffee that just a little bit stronger. According to the official tests, it contains about 50-60 mg of caffeine per 1 ounce of fluid.

Cannonball Coffee

Located in the United Kingdom, this brand offers coffee that contains Robusta coffee beans that are farmed in Rwanda. According to the tests, each ounce of fluid contains about 90 mg of caffeine, which absolutely insane. 

Devil Mountain Coffee Co

According to the CaffeineInformer, Devil Mountain Coffee is for sure, the “World’s Most Deadly Coffee.” One once of this coffee contains about 129 mg of caffeine. In fact, you need to be a crazy and really brave person to give it a try. Just one regular cup of this coffee contains more caffeine than the upper limit established by the FDA. It is hard to imagine what effect it will have for a person that has the courage to try it. 

Do’s and Don’ts With Death Wish Coffee

Do’s and Don’ts With Death Wish Coffee


  • Use French Press or Aeropress for a perfect brew
  • Use it to start your day and stay energized till the evening
  • Follow brewing instructions on the package
  • Make sure to store coffee in a canister
  • Consult with your doctor before giving it a try
  • Drink a mug per day
  • Drink it black or add creamers and sweeteners


  • Never drink too much of Death Wish Coffee
  • Do not drink it if you have any health problems that can be triggered by lots of caffeine
  • Do not drink it in the evening unless you want to stay up all night long
  • Do not make a very strong brew

FAQ About Death Wish Coffee

Where can I buy Death Wish coffee?

When it comes to strong drinks such as Death Wish Coffee, you should be responsible and careful when drinking it. It is the main rule you should follow if you want to enjoy Death Wish Coffee and do not harm your health. If you want to give it a try, you may have a question about where to get it. The answer is rather simple as there are two most popular and really simple options:

  • Visit the Amazon marketplace to get your package of Death Wish Coffee. There you can find both whole bean and pre-ground coffee.
  • Visit your local store to check whether it offers Death Wish Coffee.

If you really like this coffee and want to make sure you have at home, you can simply get the Death Wish Coffee Subscription.

Of course, the best way to get your package of Death Wish Coffee is to visit the official website of the company. There you can find different options for your favorite coffee as the company offers different package sizes as well as whole beans, ground coffee, and even coffee pods, which is great if you brew your coffee in a Keurig machine. You can also get a subscription there that includes a 20% discount and provides you with regular refills that can be done weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 

How many cups of Death Wish coffee will kill you?

Of course, there is no concrete answer, as it significantly depends on your organism. If you use to drink lots of coffee daily and/or prefer very strong coffee, it will not have a very strong impact on you. On average, you can consume about 10 cups of Death Wish Coffee to start filling ill because of caffeine overdose. However, it will hardly be a lethal dose.

According to the data, if you consume about 16,5 mugs of Death Wish Coffee, it may lead to Death.

Does Death Wish coffee really have more caffeine?

Death Wish Coffee Co claims to produce the strongest coffee in the world. They use a specific blend of coffee beans as well as a unique roasting method that makes their coffee really strong. A cup of Death Wish Coffee contains about 59 mg of caffeine per each ounce of liquid, while regular coffee contains about 12-16 mg per the same amount of liquid.

How long does Death Wish coffee keep you up?

To answer this question, you need to learn some facts about caffeine. After consuming some caffeine, it will remain in your body for about 4-6 hours. According to the data, a half-life of caffeine lasts for about 5 hours. In other words, if your cup contains about 200 mg of caffeine, even after 5 hours, there will be about 100 mg of caffeine in your body that is a pretty large amount.

Why is Death Wish coffee so strong?

Most brands that offer some regular coffee use Arabica beans. However, when oy comes to Death Wish Coffee, it is a blend of Arabica and Robusta, and the last one has 200% of caffeine. It is, for sure, one of the strongest coffee options that you can get commercially.

Where is Death With coffee grown?

Death Wish Coffee Co uses coffee beans that are grown in India and Peru. The company itself is located in the state of New York with a headquarters in Ballston Sping and production that includes roasting and packaging is in Round Lake.

How much Death Wish coffee is too much?

Experts and scientists claim that an average healthy adult can consume about 400 mg of caffeine without having any issues. However, it varies from one person to another as there such points as age, gender, weight, metabolism, built-up tolerance, and caffeine resistance. If you drink more caffeine than your body can deal with, you will feel restless, agitated, and nervous. Also, you may suffer from insomnia and some other aftereffects. To avoid all those issues and stay energized, you need to consume no more than about 300 mg of coffee. 


Death Wish Coffee is one of the strongest coffee options in the world and it is absolutely great for those who struggle to stay awake, concentrated, and energized during the day. 

While being pretty strong, it is still an absolutely tasty drink with an excellent aroma. Every package of Death Wish Coffee has a high quality. The point is that the company uses certified organic coffee and has a certificate of Fair Trade. 

It is not only highly caffeinated. You have an opportunity to enjoy the delicious aroma, heavy body, smooth flavor. In simple words, it is not just strong; it is tasty as well as safe as the company pays much attention to their coffee farming and production. If you need some coffee to boost your mood and energy so you can deal with your daily tasks, Deah Wish Coffee is your perfect option.

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