What Is a Coffee Subscription

A coffee subscription, even though it sounds funny, works just like a normal magazine subscription. It’s a service that brings top-rated coffee beans and blends right to your door in your preferred schedule. You can get it either weekly or monthly. It allows you to discover various tastes and types of coffee without even leaving your home. 

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Benefits of a Coffee Subscription

Even though the subscription works just like a newspaper or a magazine subscription, it’s so much better than just getting something delivered to your door. You can also customize the stuff you will get inside your box according to your taste. A subscription allows you to experience a large variety of products and choose premium coffee blends and the world’s best coffee beans

How Does a Coffee Subscription Work

There are many providers out there and since the service is already online, they are only a couple of clicks away. That’s where having research comes in handy. With so many options, it’s both hard and easy for you to find the perfect match for you. Don’t worry once you find your perfect subscription; enjoying your perfectly brewed coffee is just seconds away.

After doing adequate research and decide your subscription box, you accept the deal, pay the price, sit back and enjoy a cup of strong black coffee. If you like to cancel your subscription or change the terms, you need to contact your provider. 

Pros and Cons of Using Coffee Subscription


  • Allows you to experience various types and blends of coffee.
  • Allows you to get your own customized box while sitting in your home.
  • You get to experience blends and coffee types that we usually out of reach.
  • You get discounts and special offers on products.


  • Can be costly.
  • Needs a lot of research to meet your needs perfectly.

Features of Coffee Subscriptions

Features of Coffee Subscriptions

Coffee Freshness

Most subscriptions prepare your package right before shipment, including the roasting, so that you will get %100 fresh products every time, even in exotic and premium brands.  


When you have a subscription, you can get many selections of coffee beans and blends. So you can choose anywhere from premium instant coffee to decaf coffee beans and even discover the distinct nature of the French roast coffee.


Going out, shopping and people are too much for you? Then coffee subscription is just for you. It allows you to reach a great selection of products from your home. 

Unique Blends

A good coffee subscription will allow you to experience coffee far beyond what your local shop can offer. 

Better Value

Getting a coffee subscription allows you to have discounts on the coffees you want. In most cases, you get good deals and free extras. Some coffee subscriptions also may come with free shipping. 

How to Choose the Best Coffee Subscription

How to Choose the Best Coffee Subscription

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Coffee Choice

This is the most important factor. To decide this, you also need to search a bit about coffee. Basically, there are two types, Arabica and Robusta. Coffee is either one or another or a blend of both. You also can get different roast levels and types. Some exotic coffees come from a specific region too. If you are not well educated on your coffee choice or want to discover different flavors, you may also consider getting a box that will offer you different tastes. 


Some brands allow you to customize your package; some don’t. That’s a very important aspect to consider if you are an adventurous free spirit. Also, pay attention if you can change our subscription terms even after you subscribe to it. 


The main question here is how long does it take you to finish a bag of coffee? How about how long does it take for you to finish the whole box? According to the answers to these questions, you need to decide how long of a subscription period you want. Many brands offer either monthly or weekly subscriptions. 

Bag Size

Bag size is important for you to calculate the length of your subscription schedule and determine the shipping cost if that’s not free. Don’t forget with larger bag sizes, shipping from different countries can be a little costly. 

Single vs Multiple Roasters

Basically, there are two main types of coffee subscription brands. The ones that use a single roaster and the ones that use multiple. This basically means they are getting their roast from different providers or single. Multiple roasters open your doors to different coffee blends, so they are a better choice if you want variety. Single roasters are better to get the same quality coffee each time.  


You need to pay attention to whether or not the delivery is free. Make sure to check the shipping services to your area. 


Let’s face it; money is life. Sadly.. Well, you will be able to find a package in your budget for sure. But make sure to give attention to the pricing and make the wise choice that both come in your budget and satisfies your needs. 

Packaging and Design

Packaging is so important because your products will be going quite a long way to reach you. Also, coffee is a kind of product that needs to be contained away from light, oxygen and odor. 


Coffee Subscription Extras

Who wouldn’t enjoy presents!? Or to say free stuff. YES, some brands offer you special samples and extras as you subscribe to their coffee box. 


With some coffee subscriptions, you can get free sampling before actually subscribing to the service. This allows you to choose more freely. 

Customer Service

Good service is a must! You always need to consider people helping you if something happens, even though it’s a low possibility. 


What if you tried and didn’t like the package or the service, then what? Cancellation is another very important aspect you definitely need to look for. Don’t forget to review cancellation terms before you subscribe.  

How to Use a Coffee Subscription Service 

Online worlds made everything so easy for us and living in the world’s current situation; we need online services more than ever. 

Step 1 – Do research

A good one. Good research allows you to see your options better and choose the best one. Some brands offer free quizzes for you to understand your own needs. 

Step 2 – Select your box

After doing your research, you need to decide and select your subscription. Depending on your choice, you may choose from fix boxes or form your own order. 

Step 3 – Pay the price 

Sit back and wait for the impressive selection of Keurig coffee pods right to your doorway! Easy peasy! 

If you ever want to change something or cancel your subscription, contact customer service; they are supposed to help you with any problem. As subscriptions are usually weekly or monthly, you can also cancel them when the proper timing comes without problems. Don’t lose time with a box that doesn’t make you happy. 

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Yes and no! Of course, some coffee blends and exotic choices require you to pay more for the products; therefore, subscribing to such packages surely will be more expensive, but expensive has its own limits too. You need to pay attention if the service is way too expensive than the coffee prices. If that is, you are being scammed. 

Do’s and Don’ts With a Coffee Subscription

Do’s and Don’ts With a Coffee Subscription



  • Decide too fast.
  • Stuck with the provider you don’t like.
  • Get too much stuff just out of curiosity.

FAQ About Coffee Subscription

Where can I get a coffee subscription?

You need to do adequate research. There are a lot of brands out there that offer coffee subscriptions. A quick search online will offer you many doors. 

Should you order coffee online?

I mean, 21st century, am I right? Why not? We order EVERYTHING online at this point. If you don’t like it, you can easily change it. There are many high-quality trustable providers out there.  

Can I adjust my coffee subscription service once I set it?

Some coffee subscriptions allow you to customize our package both before and after you set it; some only let you before and some have fixated packages. So you need to do your research good and decide which one is more suitable for you. Customizable packaging sure gives you a lot of freedom. 

Can I unsubscribe from the coffee subscription service if it doesn’t suit me?

Depends on the provider. All coffee subscriptions have different terms when it comes to cancellation. So you better check it before you decide.  


A coffee subscription -just like a magazine subscription- is either a weekly or monthly package delivered right at your doorstep, filled with your personalized selection of coffee. They are amazing for anyone who likes to stick with a routine and doesn’t want to leave their house or want to discover different blends and tastes with super discounts. They might be a little pricey and hard to get into in the beginning, but once you find your jam, they are so worth it. 

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