We all enjoy some warm, sweet cup of coffee. Maybe you strictly like it dark; maybe you enjoy sweet tastes, perhaps adding some sugar, milk, cream, or even chocolate. It doesn’t actually better because we are sure non of you ever discovered this amazing way of enjoying your coffee! Through this article, we will discover how we can upgrade our coffee with coconut oil!

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What Is Coffee With Coconut Oil

Even though adding coconut oil to coffee is not something new, it’s been a new rising trend recently because of the whole new “Bulletproof coffee.” What is Bulletproof coffee, you’re asking? It’s basically coffee made with an MTC oil supplement addition. What that has to do with coconut oil? MTC oil is mainly extracted from coconut oil.

We know oil in your beautiful coffee may not be sounding so appealing but stick with us… Coffee with coconut oil has many health benefits, and also it is delicious, creamy, and smooth. 

Benefits of Drinking Coconut Oil Coffee

Before stating the benefits of coconut oil in your coffee, we should mention, coconut oil is one of the saturated fats. If you are one of the people that consuming that frequently may cause problems for you, you should not try for this. And that’s ok; there are a bunch of options out there to play around with your coffee. 

Studies suggest that consuming coconut oil in your coffee once a week can have extraordinary health benefits for you but better not overdo it. Let’s discover what coconut oil can offer us.

Boosts Your Energy

Because coconut oil is “thermogenic” -the term is used for stuff that generates heat- so it means the oil generates heat in YOUR ACTUAL BODY! When coconut oil is consumed, it can help your body generate more energy and actually burn fat! Don’t forget caffeine can burn fats, too… so this might be a perfect opportunity to achieve that summer body! 

Improves Your Metabolism

Caffeine in the coffee is already giving your metabolism a push. Coconut oil is known to be a huge laxative which means it helps you digest better. Coconut oil combined with coffee giving you a huge metabolic boost. 

Makes Your Immune System Stronger

Lauric acid is one of the main fatty acids in coconut oil, a saturated fat used to cure many illnesses. Therefore it can help you fight any harmful microorganisms around. 

How Does Coconut Oil in Coffee Work

First, you need coffee, do it as you would usually do, brew it to your taste. Then basically, you mix the coconut oil with the coffee and THAT’S IT! You unlocked a new level in your coffee game! Don’t worry; we will get into steps later. 

Coconut oil in coffee is pretty popular among many communities. From coffee enthusiasts to people who follow healthy lifestyles, to people who do keto, to vegans! Don’t worry about coconut oil not being suitable for you even if you are vegan. Coconut is a vegetable-based fast alternative so that it won’t disturb your lifestyle. You can also enjoy premium vegan coffee creamer to spice it up!

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Pros and Cons of Coffee With Coconut Oil

Pros and Cons of Coffee With Coconut Oil


  • Helps you lose weight.
  • Boost your metabolism and immune system.
  • Very customizable.
  • Regulates your bowel movements.
  • It May help you raise your good cholesterol.
  • It keeps you full longer. 
  • Improves your overall mood. 
  • Can make you smarter (kind of) studies suggest that MCTs inside the coconut oil can help with Alzheimer’s. 
  • Can improve skin texture.  


  • Might be harmful to overdo (some diseases such as gallbladder issues or pancreatitis).
  • Coconut oil is pretty high in calories (121 cal per tablespoon).
  • Might actually cause you to gain weight if you don’t look out for the added calories.

How to Add Coconut Oil to Your Coffee

If you enjoy adding coconut oil to your Cup of Joe, we would be more than happy to give you a few recipes. No matter if you prefer cold or hot brew, there are some ingredients you can’t avoid. 

For a perfect coconut-oil brew, you will need:

  • Coffee! Like literally, seriously, any coffee. 
  • Coconut oil. Any coconut oil would work, but the virgin, non-processed coconut oil will be the best. 
  • Seasoning This option completely serves your taste! Cream, different types of milk (coconut, almond, regular, etc.), cinnamon, star anise, clove or even honey. Not only are they all tasty, but also you can enjoy the extra health benefits of adding honey to your coffee. All up to your imagination! 

How to Add Coconut Oil to Hot Brew Coffee 

Step 1 – Brew your coffee 

Brew your coffee as you would normally do. You can use coffee filters when brewing coffee or stick with practical machines such as Moka pots or automatic espresso machines. Don’t forget – Moka pots are easier to use than espresso machines.

Step 2 – Add coconut oil

Take 1 or 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (don’t overdo it) and stir it until the coconut oil dissolves and mixes well.  

Step 3 – Spice it up

Add your favorite spices. Or leave it as dark as midnight—some more milk, sugar, sweetener, honey, cream, cinnamon… up to your taste. 

You can also use blenders to get silky smooth coffee and a good blend. In that case, you brew your coffee as you normally would and pop all your ingredients up into a blender/mixer to reach that exotic brand new coffee. 

How to Add Coconut Oil to Hot Brew Coffee

How to Add Coconut Oil to Cold Brew Coffee 

Step 1 – Make your favorite cold brew

First thing first! Brew your coffee as you wish. You can soak fresh beans overnight for a stronger taste or use cold-brew machines; brewing fresh coffee with Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System is super easy! 

Step 2 – Blend

When you are having cold coffee, it’s truly best to use a blender as cold doesn’t really work well for dissolving fats. The blender helps you combine any ingredient in under a minute, including ice! You can add ice after or add extra milk to enjoy a new version of coconut-frappe! 

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee by Adding Coconut Oil 

Adding coconut oil to your coffee can actually help you stay in ketosis. Ketosis is described as the state of your body that uses ketones instead of simple sugar. That can improve your health and have many health benefits. Coconut oil is full of MCTs -medium-chain triglycerides – that are known to be used to generate energy and can be converted into ketones. That’s why coconut oil can help you stay in ketosis. 

Bulletproof coffee is actually made out of full grass-fed butter and brain octane oil. But did you know brain octane oil is actually extracted from actual coconuts! This means we can use pure coconut oil instead of brain octane oil. Let’s learn how to prepare this amazing keto-friendly bulletproof coffee

Step 1 – Brew your coffee as you normally would 

As the main ingredient of our famous drink is coffee! Brew that beauty! 

Step 2 – Butter it up

Following the same recipe from the Bulletproof coffee. We will toss our coffee into a blender together with butter. This time we will add 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil instead of brain octane oil! As easy as this. 


Coconut Oil Coffee Recipe

Let’s sum these all up in a simple recipe to start your amazing coffee journey!


  • 1 cup of coffee 
  • 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil 
  • 1 tablespoon of butter (optional)
  • 1 stick cinnamon (optional) 
  • 1-2 star anise (optional) 
  • 1-2 cloves (optional) 
  • Milk products (whole milk, condensed milk, coconut or almond milk, cream, etc.) (optional) 
  • Sugar (optional) 
  • Honey (optional) 

Step 1 – Brewing time

Make your cup of coffee just as you would normally do to your taste. Pour that into a blender.

Step 2 – Add coconut oil

Add coconut oil to your coffee into the blender. You may add any amount but not more than 2 tablespoons. Measure it to your taste. You need to blend for 1-2mins until you reach a smooth texture, light in color coffee mix. That’s when you know it’s creamy and ready. 

Step 3 – Add some spices

Add any other ingredient you may like! I prefer condensed milk and cinnamon for a thick warm coffee. Give it a blend for 20-30 more seconds and you are good to go. 

Step 4 – Enjoy

Serve it into a mug and enjoy it as is. You can top it with more cinnamon, star anise or cloves. I personally don’t top it because I like to enjoy the bubbly sweet cream on top! 

Do’s and Don’ts With Coconut Oil Coffee


  • Do spice it up! Play around with the taste. 
  • Do brew your coffee in the style you like the most: affordable espresso machines and classic methods such as french-press, drip method and Moka pots. Moka pots are easier to use than espresso machines. 
  • Do clean your equipment well.
  • Do use high-quality ingredients. High-quality coffee (incredible quality coffee Bustelo might be a good idea), high-quality coconut oil, the world’s best coffee cream, etc
  • Do try placing it with other fats in your diet and keep following a healthy dietary plan. 
  • Do make your way up to 2 tablespoons! You may not like excessive fatty aroma. 


  • Don’t leave coffee around your equipment. Rinsing dried coffee stains help you maintain the quality of your coffee.
  • Don’t use it as a replacement for breakfast! 
  • Don’t overdo coconut oil or the coffee with it! 

FAQ About Coconut Oil in Your Coffee

FAQ About Coconut Oil in Your Coffee

Does coconut coffee help lose weight?

Yes, it does! Both coffee and coconut oil helps you burn fat! Basically, you are combining magic ingredients. 

Can coconut oil reduce belly fat?

Recent studies have found that MCTs are very effective in reducing abdominal fat. Coconut oil, including high levels of MCTs, can actually help you lose that belly fat and say hello to abs.  

Will coconut oil in my coffee break my fast?

Black coffee is the perfect beverage during intermittent fasting. It’s calorie-free, it makes your metabolism works faster, it keeps you full and helps you lose some extra weight! But if you want to spice it up by adding coconut oil. You may need to take care of the extra calories that come with it. Although it’s high in calories, it won’t completely cancel the benefits of being in a fast when you balance it. 

How much coconut oil should you consume each day?

As coconut oil is saturated fat, consuming too much might be harmful to your health. The recommended amount of consumption for coconut oil is two tablespoons a day. This amount can actually aid your weight loss and help you improve your metabolism.  


Adding coconut oil to your coffee is surely a game-changer for your coffee game. It has amazing health benefits and suitable for many lifestyles. It gives you the exotic taste you are looking for and allows you to play with it slightly. Even though all these sound amazing, overdoing them can seriously harm your body and cause you many health problems. Try to place your general fat consumption with coconut oil and keep maintaining a healthy diet. 

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