Same with any elaborate coffee makers or machines, Bunn coffee makers require certain handling and cleaning techniques that are more than just a simple swipe here and there. After all, we do pick Bunn coffee makers due to their long-standing record and performance–performance that requires efficient machinery, most of which needs maintenance and cleaning to last longer.

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Let’s see it this way; cleaning properly is an investment in durability.  And if you are thinking that cleaning Bunn coffee makers is a pain or a bit complicated, let me tell you something: you are probably doing it wrong!                                 

What Is the Bunn Coffee Maker

Bunn coffee makers had been a staple product in a lot of homes since it was established 60 years ago. With the wish of creating what they considered the best coffee maker possible, Bunn had made a coffee maker that gives you a great tasting coffee through using optimal time, brew temperature range and uniform flow distribution, ensuring a smooth and never over-brewed coffee!

Now THAT is more than just manually grinding coffee beans to get your aroma and perfect cup. Bunn coffee maker promises your best coffee experience. It is your go-to coffee maker for either commercial or domestic use. Your personal coffee shop without going out if you are looking for your best decaf coffee or espresso. Bunn coffee maker is a gift that keeps on giving for coffee drinkers.

Benefits of Using Bunn Coffee Maker

Caters Both Commercial and Household

Yes. You read that right. Bunn coffee makers have a lot of variety that can be used either for Commercial or Domestic set-up. Household coffee makers from Bunn are usually compact, can brew around 600 to 1500 ml of coffee in one go, and obviously consume less electricity. Its design is also so simple you can probably brew a cup even with your eyes close!

Commercial espresso machines, on the other hand, were typically used either in offices or in shops. These types tend to be on a more powerful side, making it able to brew large quantities at a time (around 13 to 15 liters an hour) with a very low recovery time. Meaning, no waiting in line for brewing that espresso in comparison to that premium stovetop espresso maker you have!

Optimal Fast Brewing

Surely, there is a beauty with a French press and pour-over brewing options, which requires a little bit of procedure and time to get your coffee done. This is best on those low days where you can appreciate mornings with a sigh of relief. However, on normal days when we need to grind, what is more, important is to get your coffee fix as fast as you can so that you can finally start your day right–and that’s one of the specialties of Bunn coffee makers.

Bunn boasts its ability to brew coffee in a fast cycle without sacrificing its taste by using a certain patented system that exposes coffee beans with water in its optimal time. This ensures your coffee is in good shape despite being brewed in a short amount of time.

Benefits of Using Bunn Coffee Maker - Optimal Fast Brewing

Bitter No More

Optimizing time, turbulence and temperature is the key to the success of Bunn coffee maker’s brew. Through using their system, coffee beans are made sure not to get overcooked; hence the bitter taste is controlled, giving you that robust flavour. 

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Maintains Optimal Temperature Brewing

Bunn coffee maker focuses on solutions and efficiency rather than gimmicks, such as an alarm clock that also brews coffee. It knows what you need and it delivers. One of its qualities that not a lot of coffee makers can offer these days is its ability to attain the ideal coffee temperature of 200⁰F and maintain it until you finish the brew.

Making the ideal coffee temperature as a control variable assures you that you get the same result each time you brew a coffee; hence no more worrying if you won’t get to taste that great coffee because you are sure to get them as long as you use these babies!

Good Even for High Altitude Areas

As we all observe, high altitude areas tend to have different temperatures; hence results of coffee can also vary. Fortunately, Bunn coffee maker has a special thermostat that adjusts the water so that it can process the coffee to its right flavor before it vaporizes. 

Easy to Use

One of the best benefits of the Bunn coffee maker. Despite its complicated characteristics that ensure your perfect coffee, it is surprisingly very easy to use. 

How Does the Bunn Coffee Maker Work

As all coffee makers are supposed to work, the first thing that we have to secure is your favorite coffee beans. With a ratio of one tablespoon of coffee for one brewed cup, you need filtered clean water, which takes up to fifteen minutes to be heated before the first batch is served. You’ll definitely know if everything in the reservoir is properly heated since it will be shown in the collector cup and that is when you will have to place your ground coffee.

After this process, brewing will occur and it would only take around three minutes to be able to get ten cups if you have the multi-cup coffee maker. If you do need to keep your coffee for a longer time, you can store it in its thermal carafe. Bunn is a thermal coffee maker with stainless steel carafe that can keep your coffee for 60 minutes maximum.

It is also important to note that cleaning your decanter is a must after every use since burnt coffee will definitely affect the taste profile of your next brew.

Pros and Cons of the Bunn Coffee Maker


  • No more overheating. Repeated use of the machine won’t be a problem since it was made to produce and brew in larger quantities.
  • As said, it can be used in BOTH commercial and Domestic. Bunn coffee maker has a lot of varieties that can cater your needs depending on the amount of coffee you need.
  • Very simple design, easy to use and clean too!
  • Consistent coffee output. Due to its patented design, Bunn coffee maker made sure that we are going to have that robust coffee flavor.


  • Can be pricey. New features, unfortunately, will add some costs.
  • It might leak. If your coffee maker is not cleaned up properly, mineral deposits can happen. Also, Bunn coffee makers are not usually designed to keep the water to its upper basin for long hours, so if you accidentally did, that’s another reason for water leakage unto the decanter.

Types of Bunn Coffee Makers

Types of Bunn Coffee Makers

Speed Brew Line

Focusing on speed, this type of Bunn coffee maker can brew around 600 ml of coffee in 2 minutes and 10 cups for 4minutes! This is due to its unique speed brew technology that includes a multi-stream spray head, drip-free carafe and filters that are ¼ inch taller than the other types of Bunn coffee makers. It is the fastest brewer of the bunch!

Heat n’ Brew Coffee Maker

If it is for a business or office coffee maker that you are looking for, this is one of the good matches for you! Heat n’ brew runs through a “Heat & Release” Technology brewing process where it accurately waits until your water is heated at the ideal brewing temperature of 92ºC(197.6ºF)  to 96ºC (204.8ºF) before starting the brewing process.

Its most distinct feature is its digital control panel that automatically on and off the coffee maker’s warm plate during the brewing process and after 2 hours of being used, respectively. It is efficient and worry-free! It also conserves energy for you, only starting to brew at the right time that you needed it.

Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Another product from Bunn that gives us a slick and modern design and yet simple and easy to boot. A single-serve coffee maker is a brewing machine that uses K-cups and also has 4 replaceable drawers that give you an option of what to partake on any given day.

Its single-cup technology helps with preventing liquid overflow and it can also provide hot water just in case you needed a change of pace and you decided to shift for a tea or hot choco instead.  This baby also has a pulse option that gives you the range of your coffee strength and richness preferences.

Tools Needed to Clean Bunn Coffee Maker


Unsurprisingly, one of the key cleaning tools of the Bunn coffee maker due to the fact that it can easily seep into the nooks and crannies of the machine. Vinegar due to being an acid can help clean accumulating germs, stains and minerals that have been in your coffee maker for a while.


This is one of the soaking agents for cleaning the Bunn coffee maker. Brushing any parts that can be soaked in the dishwasher detergent is also advisable.

Dish Soap or a Mild Liquid

Dish soaps are known antibacterials and are best to use to clean food stains and of course, coffee stains. It is usually used to clean the outside part of the machine with a soft fabric.

Soft Cloth

Use for dedusting and dish soap cleaning. This ensures that no permanent scratches will happen in your machine while cleaning them.

Spray Head Cleaning Tool

Pressurized help on the places where hands can’t be reached when cleaning the coffee maker.  This is usually used together with either vinegar or other agents to clean coffee stains easier.

Distilled Water

This is used together with the white vinegar through the descaling process. Descaling is the process of using a cleaning liquid to run your machine the usual way you use it. With the help of distilled water and vinegar mixture, coffee stains and deposits will be removed from your machine.

How to Clean Bunn Coffee Maker With Soap and Water

How to Clean Bunn Coffee Maker With Soap and Water

Step 1 – Turn off your coffee machine and soak it in

This is important so that your machine won’t be ruined. Soak your coffee machine in soap and water for 30 minutes.

Step 2 – Scrub the coffee machine

Using a sponge or a soft fabric, scrub the inside and outside of your coffee maker.

Step 3 – Rinse

Remove your coffee maker from the soak solution and wash it until no hints of soap residue remain.

Step 4 – Dry it out

You can either do this via air dry or through wiping them with a soft cloth or towel.

How to Clean Bunn Coffee Maker With Vinegar

Step 1 – Use vinegar at around 20% concentration for brewing

Making sure that a cup or the thermal carafe is under the drip tray, start the brewing process of the vinegar. This way is almost similar to the cleaning of Ninja coffee bar brewing systems with some variations.

Step 2 – Repeat the process at least three times

To make sure that your machine is properly clean, it is advisable to repeat brewing the vinegar thrice.

Step 3 – Let it soak

After the brewing cycle is finished, let the pot be soaked with vinegar for an additional four hours.

Step 4 – Flush the vinegar out with distilled water

Once the soaking time is done, rerun the brewing using distilled water to flush out the vinegar.

Step 5 – Repeat the water flushing a couple of times

Run the machine a couple of times to make sure the scent of the vinegar is gone. Vinegar residue will surely ruin your coffee!

Step 6 – Clean the pot a couple of times to remove the vinegar smell

The soaked pot should also be cleaned a couple of times to make sure there is no vinegar residue.

Step 7 – Wash the pot with warm water and scrub until clean

For final pot cleaning,it is advisable to wash it with warm water and scrub it until you are sure no stains are left on any side of the pot.

Step 8 – Repeat vinegar deep cleaning once every 3 months

Proper maintenance suggests that it would be best to deep clean your Bunn coffee maker once every three months!


How to Clean Bunn Coffee Maker With Baking Soda

Just like how the DIY people teach all of us how vinegar and baking sodas are our friends, we can use it also for cleaning stains in bunn coffee makers the same as it is part of methods for cleaning Cuisinart brewer.

Step 1 – Put baking soda on stains and spray the vinegar

Sprinkle your baking soda on stained areas of the pot. Put the vinegar into a sprinkle bottle and spray it with the baking soda to wet them.

Step 2 – Soak the mixture

Soak the stains for around 5 minutes. This will help you remove them easier as the reaction occurs between baking soda and vinegar.

Step 3 – Scrub

Once the five minutes is done, scrub the pot with a soft fabric or nylon scrubber to make sure no scratches will be made.

Step 4 – Rinse

To remove all the residue, stains and stench, rinse it with water until you are satisfied.

How to Maintain a Bunn Coffee Maker

Prevention is always better than cure. Meaning maintaining your Bunn coffee maker is miles easier than worrying and fretting once everything is all wrong already! Anyone remember how nervous you were the first time with troubleshooting Keurig coffee brewers? So here’s the guide for its maintenance.

Step 1 – Clean your coffee brewer every time

This is a no brainer, your everyday action on how well you clean your coffee brewer will show sooner or later.

Step 2 – Deep clean your coffee brewer every 3 months

We understand that it might be hard to commit to cleaning it every day, so you might have skipped a day or two. But deep cleaning your coffee brewer must not be skipped! Not only that deposits can and will be there in your coffee brewer, those might also mix in your coffee.  Contaminated coffee? Not a chance!

Avoid using dishwashing soaps with a strong fragrance. Those are hard to remove and will affect the taste of your coffee if it isn’t removed! No matter how busy you are and focused on cleaning it! Do not forget to unplug it!


Do’s and Don’ts When Cleaning Bunn Coffee Maker


  • Do clean and deep clean your Bunn coffee maker! This will make them last longer.
  • Do measure your coffee. Measuring coffee reduces waste of coffee hence lesser coffee residue and stains.
  • Do turn off your machine before cleaning! This will avoid any messy accidents that we don’t want to happen.
  • Do make sure everything is all dry before using again. To avoid short circuits and whatnot.


  • Don’t use a strong scent dish soap!
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaning tools as it may scratch your machine.
  • Don’t troubleshoot your coffee maker without reading the instruction guide for it.
  • Don’t get lazy! As I said, you need to clean your Bunn coffee maker as often as you can!

FAQ About Cleaning Bunn Coffee Maker

How do you stop the smell of plastic from the Bunn?

You can do it by cleaning the machine by running the system with vinegar! Leave the filter out and brew like usual but with vinegar. Once the brewing cycle is finished, leave it for 20 minutes before rinsing everything. Just make sure that no scent of vinegar is left in the system and your coffee brewer will be good to go!

Do I empty the water that’s already in the Bunn coffee maker and just run the vinegar through without any water?

Yes! You will treat the vinegar as water that was used in the machine. It will just flow the same way since they are both liquid, however, it will surely smell different.

How often do you clean a Bunn coffee maker?

You can clean the Bunn coffee maker each time you use them! But if you are asking about the deep cleaning, it should be at least once every three months!

How do you clean a Bunn coffee maker with a Deliming tool?

You can do this by first removing the carafe and the brew funnel. Once you have the spray head, you will have to try to expose the spray head tube. This is the tube that travels water to and from the tank. Once you have it, insert the deliming tool until 2 inches of it is left. Move, slide or rotate the tool to remove the mineral build up in the tube. Once you have observed that the tube is clean enough, you can finally assemble everything back to be used again.

How do I empty a Bunn coffee maker?

Draining the Bunn coffee maker is pretty easy! If you had just recently used the machine and it is likely that it still has some hot water inside, the first thing you have to do is turn off your Bunn coffee maker and flush the hot water out by adding cold water. Once it was flushed down properly and your carafe is also replaced with the colder flushed water, that’s when you can remove the brew funnel and spray head to drain the machine! Do this by tilting the machine to the sink and let the water flow to the hole of the spray head tube. It would take a couple of minutes, but everything will be drained in the end! If you have a push button that holds the water, you will have to push it until all of the water is drained.


Bunn coffee maker is truly a product that will improve a person’s coffee experience. However, to be able to prolong your own personal coffee bar at home, cleaning and maintenance is a must! Fortunately, for those of us that are already coffee dependent or those who wouldn’t be able to start their day right without coffee, it is definitely a small price to pay.  After all, once it becomes a habit, it will hardly be called a chore!

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