Are you one of those people who prefer really strong coffee that can boost your energy from the first sip? Or maybe you like a good cup of espresso-like perfection? In any case, we think we know what coffee brand will be perfect for your morning ritual of drinking coffee.

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The coffee culture in Latin America is unique and, for sure, extremely diverse. For many centuries, coffee has been grown in different countries throughout different countries around the region. The special place is, of course, taken by countries of South and Central America.

The most popular coffee drink is, of course, espresso with a strong, aromatic body. Cuban coffee comes in different variations, including Tinto, cortado, cafezinjo, cafe con Leche, and cafe de olla. As you can see, Latin Americans know lots of ways to enjoy a delicious cup of good coffee.

Considering such diversity and long-lasting and rich culture, there is no wonder that Latin American coffee drinks became popular worldwide. For example, premium Costa Rican coffee and Ethiopian coffees are some of the best coffees in the world. One of the most well-known and popular Latin American coffee brands is Cafe Bustelo. The brand was created by a Spanish man who spent lots of time in Latin America and got inspired by local coffee traditions.

What Is Café Bustelo

Cafe Bustelo is one of the most famous and biggest coffee brands that produce Cuban espresso, known as Cafecito. It is not a secret that the origin of a coffee determines its taste and Cafe Bustelo proves the statement. The brand gained incredible popularity and lots of fans all over the world. It is known for its bold taste and rich aroma.

The main thing about this coffee is that it is easy to brew and doesn’t require special skills or devices. Due to the world’s best dark roast coffee and fine ground, this coffee can be brewed in a drip coffee maker or coffee pot. 

Cafe Bustelo offers pre-ground coffee that is sold in a vacuum, airtight containers. It will help you to keep your coffee fresh and maintain its rich flavor. Even when the package is opened, it can keep your coffee fresh due to the airtight lid.

Benefits of Café Bustelo

High Quality

The reason why Cafe Bustelo is so popular is its incredible quality. The company entered the coffee market long ago and there are lots of people who can swear by the quality of this coffee. Actually, the brand is known for the constantly high quality of its coffee.

Taste and Flavor

Cafe Bustelo is known as a dark-roast coffee with a full body and vibrant flavor. It is incredibly delicious and, at the same time, easy to brew.

Can Be Brewed in Many Ways

Cafe Bustelo can be brewed in a regular coffee or Moka pot, drip coffee maker, and Keurig coffee maker. It is a great point as you can decide on how you prefer getting your cup of coffee.

How Does Café Bustelo Work

How Does Café Bustelo Work

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Now when you know some basics about coffee Bustelo, let’s find out what is great about this coffee and why it is so popular.

Cafe Bustelo offers two main lines – El Original and Supreme. There is no huge difference between those two lines. They are rich and tasty, but Supreme tends to have a richer flavor and aroma and is made of the highest quality coffee beans

Cafe Bustelo is known for its bold and strong flavor with surprising bitterness of Spanish coffee and raisin-like fruity notes. It is a pretty common flavor profile for many types of Latin American coffee. However, Bustelo distinguishes from other similar brands due to its great quality. The coffee is really strong. Most people tend to think that it is due to caffeine content, but the truth is that it is known as strong coffee due to its rich taste and not caffeine content.

The supreme line contains 100% of Arabica beans, while other lines have their fair share of Robusta beans. As a result, coffee tends to be a good energy booster and a perfect option for your morning cup of coffee.

One other important thing about Cafe Bustelo is that it has more strength than flavor, so if you are looking for some subtle flavor notes, it might not be an option for you. However, the Supreme line is known for its richer flavor, so it is a great combination of amazing taste and good strength of your coffee.

Due to the distinctive Latin American culture impact and presence of Robusta, Cafe Bastelo has a rather heavy body so you can expect that your cup of coffee will be rather dense and filling. If you want to make it lighter, you can change the proportions and try to use paper filters while brewing your coffee. As a result, you will get more similar coffee to those you used to have at your local coffee shop or brew at home every morning. 

Pros and Cons of Café Bustelo


  • A strong cup of coffee with each brew.
  • Rich flavor and full body.
  • Easy to brew almost in any way you like.


  • Can be too strong.
  • The high percentage of Robusta beans.

How to Choose the Best Café Bustelo


One of the greatest things about Cafe Bustelo is that it is very affordable. It is trendy among those coffee lovers who have a tight budget. In fact, almost anyone can afford to buy a package of this delicious coffee.

If you try to search for it online, you can find Cafe Bustelo for as much as only $10 per pound that is pretty cheap.


Since Cafe Bustelo is very affordable, it can be easily found almost everywhere. You can visit the official web-site of the brand to find all products they offer. Also, it is easy to get your Cafe Bustelo refill on Amazon, local grocery stores, and markets.


The supreme line consists only of Arabica beans, so its flavor and, of course, the price differs from other lines produced by the brand. However, most fans of Cafe Bustelo coffee give preference to its Original line.


One of the main and most distinct things about Cafe Bustelo is its bold, strong taste. It is not only strong but also rather bitter with slight notes of raisin-like fruity flavor. This flavor is known as a distinctive feature of Latin American coffee.


How to Choose the Best Café Bustelo - Strength

One other distinctive and well-known feature of Cafe Bastelo is its strength. Also, it is one of the main reasons why this coffee has so many fans all over the world. Considering that most products by Cafe Bustelo have high Robusta content, it tends to have some good portion of caffeine. 

While it impacts other points like flavor, for example, Cafe Bustelo strength is for sure one of the main reasons it is so popular. 


The body is known as one of the downsides of Cafe Bustelo. The reason is that it tends to be pretty heavy, so most people who aren’t used to some dense coffee can feel the difference and even the impact of this heaviness.

However, it can be changed by simply changing the brewing method. For example, you can try using a paper filter to get a lighter brew. It happens because paper filters can keep thicker oils from transferring into your cup.

How to Brew Caffecito Using Café Bustelo

Step 1 – Brew coffee

Measure the required amount of coffee and water, and brew it using the Moka pot. Also, you can choose any other brewing method that you like. You can even use an espresso machine for brewing the best coffee. Also, a stovetop coffee maker will help you create a flavorful beverage.

Step 2 – Add sugar

As soon as your coffee is brewed, take an espresso cup, add one tablespoon of coffee and the same amount of sugar and mix it well. If you want several cups of Caffecito, repeat this step for each cup.

Step 3 – Mix with the rest of coffee

Finally, add the remaining coffee to your cup with a thick syrupy mixture that you’ve got after mixing coffee and sugar. Enjoy your Latin American-style coffee.

How to Brew Perfect Café Bustelo in a Coffee Maker

If you want to brew Cafe Bastelo using a coffee maker, you need:

  • Drip coffee maker
  • Cafe Bustelo Dark Roast Coffee
  • Coffee filter (a permanent filter is better than paper filters)
  • Milk or cream (optional)
  • Sugar or sweeteners (optional)

Step 1 – Getting ready

First of all, make sure that the coffee filter and coffee make themselves are spotless. It is especially important if you use a reusable filter.

Step 2 – Measure and add water

Now, you need to add clean water to your coffee maker water reservoir. Do not add too much water, it is enough to pour the exact amount of water you need for one serving. If you add more water, you will get a watery drink.

Also, it is a good idea to add a little more water than you need to offset the water absorbed by coffee grounds during the brewing process.

Step 3 – Measure some coffee

Now, it is time to measure the right amount of coffee grounds. Usually, you need just a little bit less than one tablespoon of coffee per one cup of a drink. As a result, you will get a rather strong and bold cup of coffee. It is exactly what you need when brewing Latin American-style coffee.

Step 4 – Brew your coffee

Finally, you can relax a little and let your coffee maker do everything for you. Just keep in mind that the brewing process’s duration depends on your coffee maker, so it is better to keep an eye on it.

Step 5 – Enjoy your Caffecito

It’s time to enjoy your Cafe Bustelo. You can enjoy it simply black or add some extra ingredients to add some extra Latin American vibe. Want Caffecito? Add a good portion of sugar. Want to make it creamier, there is always an opportunity to add some milk. By the way, coffee creamer is dairy-free and can be used as a milk replacement.


Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Cafe Bustelo is pretty cheap, but of course, the price varies from one line of products to another. The most expensive one is, of course, Supreme. This is the most expensive coffee offered by Cafe Bustelo. The reason is that it is pure Arabica while other options contain a good portion of Robusta. All coffee by Cafe Bustelo, so it’s not about quality solely. However, it is not a secret that Arabica is more delicate and richer in flavor that is why it is more pricy.

Do’s and Don’ts With Café Bustelo


  • Do use whichever brewing method you like.
  • Do feel free to add milk, sugar, or creamers to your milk.
  • Do enjoy it in the morning to boost your energy.


  • Don’t drink it in the evening – it is really strong.
  • Don’t add too much coffee while brewing it.

FAQ About Café Bustelo

What type of coffee is Cafe Bustelo?

Cafe Bustelo is a Cuban-style espresso-like coffee.

Why is Cafe Bustelo so good?

Cafe Bustelo is known for its high quality. Also, it is perfect for those coffee fans who like strong and rich coffee. 

FAQ About Café Bustelo

Is Cafe Bustelo real coffee?

Lots of people wonder if Cafe Bustelo is real. The answer is, for sure yes. It is usually a blend of Robusta and Arabica, but also it can be pure Arabica.

Is Cafe Bustelo safe?

Cafe Bustelo has no certificates that prove that it is environmentally friendly or completely organic.

Is Cafe Bustelo fine ground?

This coffee is used for espresso that is why it is finely ground.

How much caffeine is in a Cafe Bustelo K-cup?

One 8-ounce cup brewed with Cafe Bustelo K-cup contains about 120 mg of caffeine. 

How many scoops are in a Cafe Bustelo cup?

The best option is to use a little bit less than one tablespoon of coffee grounds for one cup of brewed coffee. Just keep in mind that it will result in a strong drink, so change the ratio if you want something different.


Cafe Bustelo is a unique Latin American coffee that represents local coffee culture. It is rich, strong, and even dense. Cafe Bustelo is a great base for a whole variety of Latin American coffee drinks. Finally, it is absolutely affordable. It is for sure worth your attention and money, so give it a try and check on your own how you like it. By the way, you can use it as one of the ways of making an outstanding menu in your coffee shop.

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