What Is a Breville Precision Brewer

The Breville precision brewer is one of the Breville brand’s most trusted coffee-making machines. It has become popular as it combines manual brewing with the speed and convenience provided by automatic drip machines. If you are fond of investing in the world’s best home coffee roaster and maker, then this device from Breville may impress you.

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By investing in this precision brewer, you can begin brewing pour-over-style coffee drinks at the comfort of your own home. What’s more? It gives you the chance to tweak all brewing parameters, thereby increasing your chance of brewing the perfect coffee.

Benefits of Using a Breville Precision Brewer

Elegantly Designed Without Compromising Durability

This precision brewer is a standout because of its elegant design. It has a plastic and brushed stainless steel finish, which looks elegant, stylish, and sleek. It does not only focus on style and elegance, though, as you have an assurance of its durability. It even comes with a see-through water reservoir constructed from sturdy and tough plastic material.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Quality Keurig coffee makers are straightforward to clean, and you can expect the same benefit from this precision brewer. In most cases, you have to rinse this device under running water to get rid of the dirt from its filter basket and carafes. The fact that it is easy to clean is also proof that it is indeed easy to maintain.

Brews High-Quality Coffee

There is also a hundred percent guarantee that this precision brewer from Breville can produce the best-tasting coffee. It does so quickly as it has a fast-brewing cycle at only around six and a half minutes. The quality of the brew it produces can also be attributed to the device’s precise settings and preparation.

How Does Breville Precision Brewer Work

How Does Breville Precision Brewer Work

The Breville precision brewer works by using the intricate manual brewing method and combining it with the comfort and convenience of using automated drip machines. It has a high level of precision, making it close to the subtle tastes produced by manual coffee drippers and those that involve the use of a premium pour-over kettle.

With its multiple brewing modes, it can produce brews that are neither bitter nor charred. What it does, instead, is deliver an earthy and rich brew. It also works by providing a huge batch of brewed coffee, thanks to its 60-oz. reservoir.

Pros and Cons of Using Breville Precision Brewer


  • Elegantly designed while remaining sturdy.
  • Delivers an incredible performance in terms of brewing quality coffee.
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain – French press is easy to use, too, making this brewer resemble it in that aspect.
  • Precise settings and preparation, proving its ability to produce quality coffee.
  • Huge capacity and volume guaranteed.
  • Limitless programmability and brewing modes.


  • Has some unnecessary features that only caused its final price to go up.

Features of Breville Precision Brewer

If you are thinking of investing in the most versatile dual coffee makers or any automatic coffee-making machines, then check out this precision brewer from Breville. This Breville precision brewer will most likely impress you with the following features:

Dimensions and Capacity

At around 12.4-inch x 6.7-inch x 15.7-inch, this precision brewer from Breville is kind of tall. It will be perfect for you if your kitchen cabinets are not that low. Measure the available space in the spot where you intend to put it to ensure that it will fit before buying. In terms of its brewing capacity, you can expect the device to deliver up to 12 cups or 60 ounces.

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Power and Voltage

This precision brewer from Breville runs at 1650 watts. It is also powered by 110-120 volts.

PID Temperature Control

Another nice feature of this device is the proportional integral derivative (PID) temperature control. The presence of this digital control makes the device resemble a lot of espresso machines. This specific feature comes with a pump and thermo-coil heating system. It allows the brewer to have better precision and adjustability compared to other machines.

With the help of the PID temperature control, you can accurately adjust the water temperature at around 197 to 204 degrees, making it meet the SCA guidelines. It also has a pump, which lets you choose from three flow rates, optimizing the contact time for certain coffee. It also assures you of high-quality and pure brew, thanks to the control’s stainless-steel parts.

Pour-Over Adapter

This device also features a pour-over adapter. It means that it is compatible with pour-overs. With this specific feature, you get the chance to attach your preferred pour-over device. It also provides several fun and exciting options if you intend to automate your entire experience when using this device’s pour-over feature.

Small Cup Detection

Coffee brewed in a stovetop maker is more delicate than other variations, and the same can be expected when brewing small cups or single servings. Fortunately, there is a small cup detection feature integrated into the Breville precision brewer. This feature makes it possible to keep track of the water and coffee’s contact time when brewing small or single servings, up to around 20 ounces. This feature is also helpful if you make a cold brew.


Features of Breville Precision Brewer

In terms of settings, you will surely be glad to know that you have a few options – up to six brewing modes, to be exact. These brewing choices are fast, over ice, strong, gold, my brew, and cold brew. With these various modes and settings, you can surely prepare your coffee beverage just the way you like it.


This precision brewer from Breville also comes with almost all the accessories you need to make your perfect cup of coffee. It has a thermal or glass carafe, cone filter basket insert, coffee spoon, water hardness test strip, and mesh basket filter. You may also want to invest in reusable coffee filters and a well-insulated container to make the most out of this device.


In terms of warranty, this precision brewer from Breville provides a 2-year limited coverage. If you encounter problems using the device within the warranty period, you can contact their customer service right without hassle.


This precision brewer has a steep retail price, around $300 in most cases. This price is twice as high as the average thermal coffee maker that will fit your needs. You may still be willing to invest in it despite its high price because of its preciseness, customizability, and ability to produce huge batches of coffee.

Types of Breville Brewing Modes


As its name suggests, this setting allows you to brew coffee quickly, around half the time needed for traditional brewing. In most cases, brewing coffee only requires around three to four minutes.


This specific setting lets you prepare coffee based on the technical requirements set by SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), which means the brewing temperature and time will be automatically adjusted. To boost your chances of preparing the perfect cup, ensure that you adhere to the Gold Cup instructions as far as the grounds-to-water ratio is concerned.


You can also set the device in the strong mode. When in this setting, you can expect the machine to boost the coffee’s strength automatically. This means it would be unnecessary to make some manual adjustments. If you want your coffee to become even stronger, you may want to put additional coffee grounds than recommended in the filter.

Over Ice

This setting gives you the chance to brew hot coffee over ice. The result is a more potent brew.

Cold Brew

With this setting, you can produce a smooth and delicious cold brew coffee. The reason is that this setting involves steeping coffee overnight.

My Brew

When set in My Brew, you can expect this precision brewer to let you brew craft filter coffee anytime you want. This produces similar results as when you are using a manual pour-over device.

How to Choose the Best Breville Precision Brewer

How to Choose the Best Breville Precision Brewer


One thing you have to look into when searching for a precision brewer from Breville is its level of automation. Luckily, this device is very decent in this aspect. It has a high level of programmability, making it possible for you to control every aspect linked to the brewing cycle, including the water flow rate and brew temperature. The fact that it has six settings/modes available for you is also a strong advantage.


Another factor you have to take into account is the simplicity or ease of use. The good news is that this Breville precision brewer does not seem to disappoint in terms of how easy it is to use it. It makes it perfect for anyone who wants to use their coffee extraction knowledge and enjoy the convenient advantages of automatic drip coffee makers.

With this precision brewer, you can also do technical stuff regarding temperatures and bloom easily. Moreover, this device boasts of its user-friendly and intuitive LCD screen and single dial or button, further promoting ease when adjusting every variable or changing the setting or mode of brewing.


It is also crucial to determine your budget to stick to the specific amount you are willing to spend for this kind of device. One thing to remember about this brewer, though, is that it is expensive, but you can rest assured that it is worth its steep price if you consider how good its features are, especially when helping you produce and brew the best-tasting coffee.

How to Use a Breville Precision Brewer

Step 1 – Pick your preferred brew setting

Use the dial and LCD screen for this. Pick your preset mode from the six settings provided, like the cold brew. Make some adjustments to the brewing parameters if you want.

Step 2 – Fill the water reservoir, then begin to brew

Note that the brewing time will vary depending on your chosen brew setting. It could range from less than seven minutes if you picked the fast mode and up to 12 to 14 hours if you picked the cold brew. Wait for your cup of coffee


How to Clean a Breville Precision Brewer

Step 1 – Rinse the filter baskets and thermal carafes

Do this under running water. Take out the showerhead from time to time to clean it. Give the brewer a more intense clean by using soapy and warm water.

Step 2 – Use a soft and damp cloth to wash the body

Avoid using abrasive and dry towels, though, as the body is prone to getting scratches. Descale and run for around fifteen minutes.


Common Problems With Breville Precision Brewer

Despite the incredible quality guaranteed by the Breville precision brewer, you can’t still expect it to run without any problem or issue at all. Some of the most common problems you will encounter during the course of using this brewer are:

  • Won’t use all the water added into the tank. It could be because the system has a blockage. The best solution for this is to empty the tank. You should also clean the mesh filter at the bottom. You may also want to descale the machine.
  • There is an indication that the machine is too hot. One possible reason for this is overheating due to repetitive use. In most cases, this problem is easy to fix. Just give it around 20 minutes to rest, then restart.
  • “Fill tank” is indicated in the LCD even if the tank is already full. This problem may be brought on by being exposed to direct sunlight or light. Fix this issue by transferring the machine to a spot that is away from harsh sources of light.
  • The brewing function won’t start. It may be because of the unique water limit that each setting/mode has. You can’t expect the brewing function to run if you go over that limit. In that case, check the tank, so you will know if it is already filled or if it has met the required water limit.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

In the Breville precision brewer case, spending more money means better quality, considering that this device actually has a somewhat steep price. You will surely be happy with your purchase, though, since the precision brewer is truly well-made and has several great features that provide limitless options in brewing your coffee.

Do’s and Don’ts With a Breville Precision Brewer


  • Measure the quantity of water carefully. It would be best for you if you have a separate measuring jug for this purpose. That way, it will not show problems in brewing, which usually happens when the tank runs out of water.
  • Clean and maintain the precision brewer correctly. As for its exteriors, you may use a soft cloth to wipe them. When dealing with its removable parts, use warm and soapy water to wash them.
  • Empty and rinse the carafe and lid. Do this after every use. This can assure you that the carafe will last long. It is also advisable to make it a habit to descale this machine to retain the quality of the coffee you intend to prepare.


  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or cloths when handling any part and component of the precision brewer. The reason is that the abrasiveness of these items may only damage the device.
  • Do not let coffee sit in the carafe overnight. Empty it after use. This is to prevent stains that may result from letting the coffee sit in the carafe for a long time.

FAQ About Breville Precision Brewer

FAQ About Breville Precision Brewer

Is the Breville precision brewer BPA-free?

Yes, Breville confirmed that the plastic parts that come with the machine are all BPA-free. This means that it is safe and non-toxic.

How do I descale my Breville precision brewer with vinegar?

You can use white vinegar during the scheduled descaling of your Breville precision brewer. Just disconnect the machine from the source of power then open its water reservoir. Add white vinegar to it. It should be half full, then add water to fill the remaining space. Allow this cleaning solution to sit there for around an hour. It should work in softening and disintegrating all the buildup mineral deposits. After that, you can turn it on again then brew coffee as you normally do.

How do you make Breville cold brew?

You can make a cold brew from this Breville precision brewer just by activating its setting. Note that this specific setting requires you to run the machine overnight to produce a smooth cold brew. It involves preparing a cold brew from concentrated coffee extract, which you have to steep for hours. In most cases, it takes around fourteen hours before you can serve the cold brew from this machine. If you prefer the result to be even more potent, then it would be best to steep the coffee grounds for a max of 24 hours.

Which grind size do I have to use for my Breville precision brewer?

It would be best for you to use medium-sized coffee grounds for this device. You are also allowed to experiment on slightly coarser or finer coffee grounds so you can achieve your preferred flavor. This is because the device allows you to alter and adjust several variables, such as the water temperature. If you want to set the brewer in the cold brew mode, you should use an extra-coarse grind.

Does Breville precision brewer offer a warranty?

Yes, it has a limited warranty of two years.


Overall, the Breville precision brewer is a great investment as it lets you have an incredible experience every time you make your coffee with it. It also provides you with plenty of options for brewing, which is a good thing if you truly want to have endless programmability. It may cost higher than other machines, but the things that it can do are definitely worth the price. 

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