Coffee pods come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors– from K-cups to Nespresso pods, from dark roast donut shop blends to light specialty grade Ethiopian Gesha naturals. Given that, it should come as no surprise that there is also no shortage of options when it comes to holders for said pods and K-cups.  

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What Is a Coffee Pod Holder

A coffee pod holder is a beautiful and elegant storage solution, designed for most kinds of coffee pods. These holders come in the form of carousels, towers, racks, wall mounts, and draws, and are designed to contain your pods neatly on your benchtop, hung on the wall or organized in a drawer, laid out for easy pickings. 

Rather than storing them in the box they came, hiding away shyly in a cupboard, why not display them beautifully and proudly– a shrine to our caffeinated coffee bean overlords!  

Benefits of Using a Coffee Pod Holder


The clear benefit is organization. No more pre-morning-coffee rummaging through containers and boxes, hunting for the right flavor (in fact, no more boxes at all!). They’re all laid out, arranged by flavor, by roast or at random, a Christmas tree of K-cups. It makes what is already an extremely easy way of brewing coffee, even easier.    

How Does a Coffee Pod Holder Work

A coffee pod holder works by providing a neat, organized place for your coffee pods, K-cups or capsules to be stored. Each of them utilizes a different design and has a different way of dispensing coffee pods. Some use a simple drawer style, some use a tower or flat rack, while others use a carousel-style of dispencing, where when you remove one pod from the holder, a new one arrives to take its place. 

Types of Coffee Pod Holders

There are almost as many designs as there are flavors of coffee to try. While there are dozens of different variations and models, there are certainly a few tried and tested types that really make the cut above the rest. Let’s take a look at the most popular designs. 

Drawer Storage

One of the most popular coffee pod holders is certainly the drawer. It is a neat little kitchen space saver; the drawer sits on the benchtop, and on top of the drawer is a sturdy, flat surface on which your coffee pod maker can sit. If you’re still hunting for that perfect machine, the Keurig k55 coffee machine is versatile and can sit perfectly atop any of these drawers. Now you’ve got a beautifully organized coffee corner, equally functional as it is elegant. 

The coffee pods are organized inside a pull out drawer, which is designed specifically for whichever pod you choose. The top surface of the drawer can be constructed of a few different materials; some are tempered glass, some are metal, some plastic and some come with a neat slip-proof rubber pad. This space, especially the soft rubber pad, is the perfect place to keep your other brewing accessories like a V60 and a pour-over kettle. We can control water flow with a pour-over coffee kettle.

Coffee pod drawers are also available as multi-tier drawers, with up to 4 drawers in some models. While these aren’t space-saving in the way that you can put your machine on top of them, they still do save a lot of space by holding up to 72 K-cups in the same footprint as it would take to hold 18.  

Drawer Storage Coffee Pod Holder

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Countertop Display

Next up, we have the countertop displays. Here, we’re talking about towers, racks, and carousels. These, like the drawers, are a great way of saving space on a busy benchtop. Countertop displays, like towers or carousels, are a great way of displaying coffee in a visual way, making it easy to see every coffee available at a glance. They are super easy to fill and look pretty neat with all the colorful coffee art on the foil lid outward-facing.

As mentioned, there are a few different options here. We have the standard, rigid tower. These are super simple, free-standing, non-moving coffee pod trees if you will. They are cost-effective and have minimal parts to worry about being damaged in the future. 

Then we have towers that can rotate a full 360 degrees, lazy susan style. These are great because they can be stored right up against the wall or in a corner without any concern about not being able to reach the coffees at the back of the holder. 

Lastly, for the tower designs, we have carousel-style towers that are loaded from the top. Each time a pod is removed, one slides down and replaces it. These are a cool concept. They are sleep and the coffee is always right there, ready to go.  

Racks are also a great option for coffee pod benchtop storage. Racks refer to a tilted free-standing ‘wall’ style of coffee holder. The pods are loaded and slide in from the front. These are very slim and can be pushed right up against the wall, and as such, can be excellent for saving space.

Racks look very neat because only the front of the pod is visible. Construction materials for these can vary; some are plastic, but there are some quite beautiful wooden and bamboo holders that would make a rustic addition to any kitchens. 

Wall Mount

Probably the most kitchen bench space-saving of all. Question: how do you save space storing coffee pods on the benchtop? Answer: store them on the wall!

Wall-mounted holders physically attach to the wall, leaving the countertop entirely free for your best coffee mug or your premium stovetop espresso makerThese come in a variety of different designs and are constructed of various different materials, from plastic to iron and bamboo. 

If you’re looking at a slightly larger machine, something like a dual coffee maker with two brewing options and counter space might become an issue; a wall mount is a no-brainer. 

Wall Mount Coffee Pod Holder

Materials of Coffee Pod Holders


Mesh is mostly used in the drawers and baskets of various coffee pod holders. They are durable and easy to keep clean.


While it is most common to find wood utilized in the construction of free-standing ‘wall’ style racks and wall mounts, you may also see wood used in drawers and towers. Wood is beautiful, and if taken care of, and if the construction of the holder is high quality, it can last many years.  


Plastic is a common material for drawer coffee pod holders. Plastic is easy to keep clean, is light and is relatively inexpensive. 


Most of the carousels and towers utilize metal construction. Metal is a great material, offering a nice balance between style, durability, and price. 

How to Choose the Best Coffee Pod Holder


Of course, we want a product that will last. But eventually, when it does come time to replace our beloved holder, it is good to be aware of how it will be dealt with once it has left our hands.

Globally, only a very small percentage of plastic is ever recycled. Even if labeled as recyclable, or sent for recycling, often it just doesn’t happen. For this reason, it is best to avoid plastic altogether where possible, and instead, go for a much more recyclable material like metal or wood. 


Whether you choose a design based on its aesthetic appeal, it’s a practical and space-saving function, or both, this will play a big role in how to choose the best coffee pod holder for your needs. 

Do you have absolutely zero available counter space? Think of going for the wall mount. Things are getting a little tight in the kitchen? Maybe go for a drawer that will sit below your Keurig k55. Bench space, not an issue? Want to display your coffee offerings loud and proud alongside your coffee syrups to brighten up the kitchen? A tower could be the one for you. By the way, the coffee syrup is a great sweetener and a wonderful addition to any K-cup or pod.

Number of Pods the Holder Can Store

Number of Pods the Holder Can Store

Are you looking into getting a coffee pod holder for the office or one for at home? Your morning ritual is drip coffee, a sophisticated method of brewing coffee in a pour-over machine, but throughout the day, you brew a quick K-cup? 

Some of the larger drawer holders can fit 72 K-cups, while smaller towers can take 24 and sometimes less. Maybe you do want one for at home, but you don’t want to be refilling it weekly instead of refilling it once a month. There are a number of holder options for any amount of K-cups you want to store.      


Generally, the less intricate the contraption, the lower the price. This is certainly true for coffee pod holders, with the towers being more affordable than the carousels or the drawers. Construction material also has a large role to play in the cost. 

How to Use a Coffee Pod Holder

Step 1 – Choose your coffee pod holder

The first step is to take a look at your available space. Because in reality, this is going to be the deciding factor in what you end up choosing. If you have ample space, choose based on one, or all, of the criteria mentioned above. Decide how many pods you want to fit in and what aesthetic you want for the coffee area in your kitchen. Once that’s done and your item has arrived, let’s move onto step 2.  

Step 2 – Organise your area

The organization should always begin with a clean space to work. In fact, this is an excellent time to make sure everything is spick and span in the kitchen. Clear and clean the space you’ve decided on for your holder (if this is a wall, then give that a clean too– it couldn’t hurt!). 

Place your shiny new drawer/tower/rack coffee pod holder in your now spotless space, and arrange it to your liking. 

Make sure you don’t place it too close to any heat source like the stovetop, or near where the sunbeams in through the windows during the day. Coffee doesn’t like extreme heat or direct sunlight, and plastic pods would melt if placed next to a stove.

Step 3 – Fill it up

Fill the coffee pod holder up with your favorite coffee. Most importantly, don’t forget to brew a coffee immediately after your done so you can test out the new holder!


How to Clean a Coffee Pod Holder

Step 1 – Remove the pods from the holder

Set aside all the pods. If you need to, give these a wipe down too. 

Step 2 – Wipe it down

Because you’ll essentially be only removing dust from the holder, we’ll just be giving it a quick wipe down and dry, whenever necessary. What you wipe your coffee pod holder down with will depend on the material it’s made of. 

If it’s metal or plastic, wipe it down with a damp cloth, then give it a polish after with a clean, dry cloth. You could also use some form of cleaning solution– just make sure it is designed for the material on which you are using it. 

For drawers that are topped with glass, use a glass cleaner to get it nice and streak-free. Anything wood, it is best to use a damp (not wet) cloth and be sure to dry it after. Water can seep into some woods, making them soft, which can cause them to rot. 

Step 3 – Replace the pods

Add your pods pack to the holder. Again, be sure to make a coffee immediately afterward to ensure the correct cleaning and refitting of pods has taken place. 

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

This is one case where spending more doesn’t necessarily mean a higher quality product. With a product such as this, with very little to no mechanical aspect, the quality comes from the material the holder is constructed of, more than anything else.

While a higher-priced product may be built of better materials, and in this case, spending more would indeed mean more quality, this is not always the case.

Often spending more is related to more features. This is not unlike choosing other brewing gear, like when comparing the Keurig k475 vs k575 machine for coffee price difference often comes down to size and features, not build quality. Choose based on the features you want, and the material the holder is made of. 

Do’s and Don’ts With a Coffee Pod Holder

Do’s and Don’ts With a Coffee Pod Holder

  • Do try to avoid plastic products.
  • Do give it a good clean when necessary. 
  • Don’t overload your item. Stick to the number of pods it’s designed for.
  • Don’t place your coffee pods or their holder near extreme heat. 

FAQ About Coffee Pod Holders

Are coffee pod holders one size fits all?

Each coffee pod holder is generally designed to be used with one model of the pod. Whether it be K-cups or Nespresso capsules, it’s usually one or the other. Because different models of pods are all so differently sized, rarely does this item have the ability to hold both. Some of the draws and baskets which don’t utilize an individual holder for each pod can indeed fit both.


Coffee pod holders are a great way to organize coffee and a very neat alternative to storing coffee pods in boxes. They are easy to use, look great on the countertop, and ensure that no coffee is left undrunk, forgotten in the dark depths at the bottom of a cupboard.   

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