If you love coffee, you surely have your favorite coffee beans hidden somewhere in your kitchen. However, have you ever thought about how you store your beans? Are there any rules, tips and secrets that can help you keep your coffee beans fresh for longer?

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The best way to store your coffee, whether it is some beans or ground coffee, is to use containers that are designed specifically for coffee to keep it fresh and tasty much longer.

What Is a Coffee Canister

Even if you don’t buy some expensive beans, you still spend some money on them and want to enjoy a tasty cup of coffee. You need to keep in mind that as soon as the bag is opened, it can’t keep your coffee fresh. As soon as your beans lose their freshness and aroma, your coffee becomes dull and even disgusting.

Keeping your coffee in an unsealed bag (and it immediately becomes unsealed as soon as you open it for the first time), you make the coffee beans unprotected and exposed to external elements that can ruin your coffee completely. Moreover, the longer you store your coffee, the worse it becomes guaranteeing you awful brew.

Benefits of Using a Coffee Canister

Longer Storage

One of the main benefits of using a specialized container for keeping your coffee is that it can help you store your beans for much longer. It means that you can buy bigger packages of coffee without a need to refill it every several days.

Freshness of Your Coffee

Using a container designed specifically for coffee storage, you can be 100% sure that the coffee beans will stray fresh and tasty for a long time. Considering the fact that coffee can be easily impacted by surrounding aromas and flavors, it is important to make sure that nothing will spoil it. A proper coffee canister prevents different odors from influencing your coffee.

Protection of External Impact

As we have mentioned before, a whole variety of external factors such as light, odors and so on can impact the quality of your coffee. It is absolutely safe while in a sealed bag, but after it is open for the first time, your coffee beans can be easily spoiled. Using a special container, you can keep your coffee safe.


If you have ever stored your coffee in its original packaging, you know how inconvenient it may be. The main point is that you can easily spill your coffee because the package may break or fall as it does not stand properly. At the same time, using a canister, you don’t need to worry about it as it is easy and comfy to use and store.

How Does a Coffee Canister Work

If you want to know how a coffee canister works, you should keep in mind that the answer is very simple. It basically keeps your coffee fresh by protecting it from any possible impact. The main point is that coffee beans are rather delicate and they need protection.

In other words, if you want to make sure that every cup of your coffee is absolutely perfect and delicious, you need to keep the freshness of the beans you are going to use. While left unprotected, coffee beans get oxidized which means that they are affected by air and can change the taste of your coffee drastically.

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Special coffee containers help not only store your coffee comfortably but also protect it from moisture, light, air and heat. It is a perfect way to keep your coffee fresh and perfect for a long time without worrying that it is destroyed by the environment.

There are four enemies of your coffee you should avoid at any cost – air, moisture, light and heat. Oxygen is the main reason for stale coffee and the biggest problem is that it is very hard to avoid. When exposed to oxygen, coffee beans can become stale as fast as in a few days. There are vacuum coffee containers that help avoid or at least reduce the impact.

How Does a Coffee Canister Work

Of course, we use heat to roast coffee beans and usually some hot water required for brewing a cup of coffee. Nevertheless, between these stages, you need to keep your coffee away from high temperatures. The best option is to store your beans in some, not cold, but cool place. Some coffee containers work as thermoses which means that there is a stable temperature inside of a canister. 

Moisture is, for sure, the greatest enemy of your coffee as just a small amount of it will ruin your coffee completely in a few minutes. The reason is that coffee beans start to release their oils when there is some condensation. It is exactly the reason why you should keep both coffee beans and ground coffee as far away from moisture as possible. In this situation, a coffee canister is one of your biggest helpers as it prevents any moisture.

Light or specifically sunlight is one other great enemy of the coffee. Because of UV rays, both beans and ground coffee oxidize much faster, especially when it comes to freshly roasted coffee. To avoid the issue, you need to store your coffee in a dark place and an opaque coffee canister will do the job perfectly.

As you can see there are numerous issues you should be aware of when storing your coffee. Nevertheless, you can easily deal with all of them and keep your coffee fresh and tasty using an appropriate coffee container. By the way, you can use it to keep your instant coffee dry and it is not a secret that instant coffee brewing is a fast and easy way to get your cup of coffee.

Types of Coffee Canisters

As we have mentioned before, there is a whole variety of coffee containers that are made of various materials. It is up to you which one to chose. Below, you can find information about some of the most common options and their benefits as well as disadvantages.


Using a glass container to store your coffee, you do not need to worry about your coffee getting some bad taste or aroma. Moreover, glass containers look beautiful and stylish. Nevertheless, there is one huge problem – they are transparent. It means that such a container will not be able to protect coffee beans from UV rays. The only way to make it work properly is to keep it in some cupboard or somewhere away from the light.


In general, plastic can be considered a suitable option for a coffee canister. Just keep in mind that containers made of some thin plastic will hardly be able to keep some bad smells away from your coffee beans. Also, you need to make sure that the plastic itself does not have any foul odor. And, of course, it is better to give preference to options that are not transparent.


Stainless steel coffee canisters can be considered the best option for storing both beans and ground coffee. The reason is that this material does not have a chemical reaction with oils and acids in coffee. Also, they protect the coffee from light and UV rays which means that you can store it longer and not worry about anything. Finally, stainless steel coffee containers are very durable and hard to damage or break. It is a real helper together with the world’s best stainless steel coffee maker if you want to enjoy delicious coffee. 


Acrylic coffee canisters are the most affordable options. At the same time, they have lots in common with plastic ones. The main issue is that it is hard to find an acrylic coffee container of decent quality as it tends to have some bad smell, thin walls, no airtight feature and so on.


Speaking of ceramic containers, they are quite popular because you can easily find containers of different colors, sizes, shapes and designs. However, you need to remember that not each ceramic coffee container has an airtight lid which means you can’t use it to store your coffee for a long time. Also, they can be broken easily.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Canister

You don’t need some fancy or high tech coffee containers. Just make sure it properly deals with its primary tasks such as keeping out moisture, light, heat and air. It means that any properly sealed canister will do the job. However, there are some important points that you need to take into consideration when choosing your coffee container.

For example, you can buy any properly sealed containers or look for one specifically designed for coffee. Also, you can look for some options that have unusual styles or some extra features. In fact, when choosing a container for your coffee, you need to keep in mind some important aspects listed below.


Airtightness is one of the main features your coffee container should have if you want to keep your coffee fresh as long as it is possible. An airtight canister should have a good latch system and the model’s lid. Also, it is important to make sure that air is forced out of the container as soon as its lid is closed which means that there is no air inside.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Canister - Airtightness

Keeps the Beans Dry

As you remember moisture is one another great issue when it comes to coffee storage. When choosing a coffee canister, you need to make sure that it will keep your coffee beans completely dry. It means that it should be made of materials that don’t let any moisture in and prevent the condensation.


Nowadays, it is not difficult to find a coffee canister that suits your needs perfectly including its size. Before choosing any specific model, design or features, you need to decide on its volume. Analyze your consumption needs and think about how often you want or can restore your coffee beans.

For example, if you usually drink about two cups of coffee per day, a canister that contains about 500g of beans or ground coffee will be perfect for you. However, if you consume a large amount of coffee daily or there are some other family members that also love coffee, you may need to look for something bigger.

You need to think well about your needs. You may even buy several coffee containers. For example, if you don’t have time or opportunity to grind coffee each time, you can buy a bigger container for beans and a smaller one where you can keep ground coffee for several brews just enough to fill your big mug for your morning coffee.


Material is very important when it comes to coffee containers. You can choose a transparent canister that is made of glass or plastic or give preference to a durable steel one.

You can look for a beautiful ceramic container or look for other options. Of course, the most durable materials are aluminum and stainless steel. Transparent containers are beautiful and allow to see the content but they do not stop UV ray that may spoil your coffee.

In fact, you can choose a canister that is made of several materials. For example, you can choose the one made of stainless steel to protect your coffee with a transparent lid so you can see the content.

One significant point you need to remember that if there are any details made of plastic, they should be made of BPA free plastic solely so it does not impact the flavor of your morning coffee.

Date Wheel

The date wheel can hardly be considered as an absolute must-have feature when it comes to a coffee canister. However, this feature can be pretty useful as it gives you an opportunity to track the expiration date of your coffee easily. Usually, it is built-in right into the lid of your coffee container so you can understand whether your coffee is safe for consumption even before opening your container.


As well as a date wheel, the design is not an important aspect when it comes to storing coffee. Nevertheless, it does not mean you want to buy just any container especially if you want to display it in your kitchen. There is a whole variety of coffee canisters that differ in size, shape, color, decorations and so on. It means that you can find the one you like that matches the design of your kitchen perfectly.

Optional Extras

Most manufacturers try to add some extra features to their containers that can attract more customers. One of the most common is a scoop attached to the container so you can easily measure the proper amount of coffee you need for your brew. However, it will make a canister a little or significantly more expensive. Also, there are canisters with a special valve but they may get weak pretty fast. If you think you need a valve, make sure it can be replaced easily and ensure there are some spare ones. 

How to Use a Coffee Canister

How to Use a Coffee Canister

Step 1 – Clean your container

Before using your container, the first thing you should do is to clean it. Remove the packaging properly. After that, rinse the container well with some warm water. Make sure there is no dust. If the container smells slightly, mix warm water with a little white vinegar and use the mixture to rinse the container. Make sure to rinse the item with some clean water until there is no odor. 

Step 2 – Dry container well

As soon as your container is clean, use some soft cloth or paper towels to dry it. Let it also air dry for at least half an hour to ensure there is no moisture inside.

Step 3 – Put the beans inside

Take a package of coffee beans or ground coffee and open it carefully. Put your coffee inside the container without a package. In some containers, you may need to leave some free space between coffee and a lid.

Step 4 – Follow instructions

If you use some simple container there will hardly be any instructions. However, if you have an airtight canister, there may be instructions on how to close the lid properly to push all air out of the container. Also, if you use a high tech device or an item with extra features, there can be some instructions as well.

Step 5 – Find a place to keep it

It is important to find a good place to keep your coffee canister. Depending on its type, you need to decide where you are going to place it. Just keep in mind that it should be some cool place. If you use a glass container, it also should be dark. If your container does not have moisture protection, make sure to put it in a dark place. 


How to Maintain a Coffee Canister

Step1 – Clean container regularly

Make sure to clean containers before each refill, especially if you are going to place their other type of beans. Rinse the container regularly. Also, coffee beans may release oils that stain containers severely. In such a case, use soft cloth and soap to clean those spots. If it is not enough, you can use a little baking soda to scrub stains off.

Step 2 – Keep it dry

Always dry your container, especially if you are going to place beans there immediately. Even if you have enough time to let it air dry, use a soft cloth or paper towels to dry the container at least slightly. In such a way you will be able to make sure there is no mold inside your container.

Step 3 – Replace valves regularly

If your container is equipped with some valves, you need to make sure to replace them regularly. The reason is that they become weak rather fast. Because of this, some air may get into a container and impact coffee beans. 

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

A coffee container is one of those products when your investments influence the quality of the item you get. Usually, the cheaper options are made of acrylic or plastic that aren’t really good for storing coffee.

The reason is that most of them can have some bad odor. Also, they usually are not airtight and can’t protect beans from the sun properly. Glass containers are more expensive as they are better for keeping coffee beans fresh but they are transparent which is bad. 

Also, there are ceramic canisters that are slightly more expensive than the previous ones. They are great for storing coffee and can be found in different styles, sizes, shapes and colors that are great if you want to use it as some decoration as well. Nevertheless, they are not so durable as you can break it easily. Moreover, you need to check them properly to make sure they are really airtight. 

Finally, there are stainless steel coffee containers. They are absolutely great for storing coffee and keeping it safe. However, they can be pretty expensive. By the way, if you get a coffee mug crafted of stainless steel, you can take your coffee with you while heading at work. 

If you want to enjoy various extra features when using your coffee container, you should be ready to pay some extra money for them. Some of them may add lots of value so it is better to think whether you really need all these extra perks before paying for them. 

Do’s and Don’ts With Coffee Canisters


  • Keep your canister clean and dry.
  • Clean it properly before every refill.
  • Keep it in a dark place if it is transparent.
  • Change a valve regularly if there is one.
  • Follow the instructions if your container has some high tech features.


  • Never leave your container dirty or wet.
  • Never mix various beans or coffee grounds in one container.
  • Never leave your container under the sun.
  • Never let it heat up.

FAQ About Coffee Canisters

How coffee beans go bad?

As it was mentioned before, there are four main reasons why your coffee may go bad. They are heat, light, moisture and air. Also, there is shelf life you should consider.

Due to these aspects, coffee may lose its taste, become dull, get a bad odor and even some mold may cover your coffee beans. In other words, your cup of coffee may become not only disgusting but dangerous as well.

Also, sometimes coffee starts to release CO2 that results in self-destruction and disgusting foul flavor. During the roasting process, carbon dioxide gets trapped inside coffee beans. As soon as you start grinding those coffee beans, this by-product is released even faster.

If the beans contain too much CO2 it can make your coffee have some terrible taste that is released when you pour hot water over ground coffee. By the way, make sure to learn some facts about the process of brewing a pour-over coffee.

To make sure your coffee tastes well, you need to use a proper coffee canister and store your coffee in a dark, dry and cool place. In such a way, you will be able to keep your coffee fresh longer. In some cases, you may even be able to keep it fresh after its expiration date.

If you do not like your coffee black or just do not like the taste of your brew, you can use some creamer or syrup with your favorite coffee topping to change its taste. And if you are on a diet, just keep in mind that coffee creamers for vegans are also tasty.

Why do I need a coffee canister?

FAQ About Coffee Canisters

As you already know, coffee starts losing its freshness pretty fast. In fact, the process starts right after the roasting process. Within the first several days the taste changes becoming rich and full. It is better to consume ground coffee within one, maximum two weeks after roasting, before it starts losing its flavor.

If you want to keep your coffee fresh for longer, you need to follow some rules and store it properly. To be able to do it, you need to use a specialized coffee canister. It should be opaque as well as airtight and equipped with a special valve to release CO2 from the container.

While transparent canisters may be really beautiful and stylish, they can’t protect the coffee from sunlight so it is better not to use them. In any case, a proper container will let you keep both beans and ground coffee fresh much longer.

How should I store coffee beans?

There are numerous theories about the best method of storing coffee beans. Most of them are about the perfect place and temperature to keep your coffee fresh. There are people who prefer keeping their coffee in a freezer while others keep it in a fridge. There are also those who just leave the container on the counter at their kitchen. Some people think that it is better to store coffee in simple paper bags while others give preference to some fancy valve bags.

The truth is that your main aim is to protect coffee beans from their four main enemies that are air, light, heat and moisture. Until you keep your coffee away from those, it is up to you which methods suit your preferences and daily routine.

Can I store my coffee in a freezer?

One of the main facts you should know about coffee is that it is hygroscopic. In simple words, it means that coffee can easily absorb tastes and odors that surround it. For example, if you decide to keep your coffee beans somewhere near spices, it is likely your coffee will have an aftertaste and aroma of those spices. However, it is the same for bad flavors and odors. 

Moreover, you can’t be 100% sure that the canister is really absolutely airtight. It is a frequent problem when an airtight canister still let in some air as well as foul odors. It means that as soon as you put a container in a freezer your beans start to absorb odors of products that are in your freezer. Do you really want to start your day with a cup of coffee that smells like salmon or beef? Moreover, while stored in a freezer, coffee beans can easily get some freezer burn that is one other way to ruin your cup of coffee. 

In case, you decide to use a freezer to store your coffee, you need to make sure that you have a container that is really completely airtight. Also, make sure not to leave it outside a freezer for long as it may lead to forming condensate that will ruin your coffee. One other thing when storing ground coffee – you need to let it heat up to room temperature before brewing coffee with one of those kettles for pour-over coffee.

It means that you need to take a container from a freezer, quickly put some coffee into a brewing pot and let it heat up. This is a little bit more time consuming than other methods, especially considering the fact you need some time to brew your coffee. It depends on the brewing method you use. By the way, you can use an alarm clock that brews coffee from Barisieur to make it easier to control the process.

While storing coffee in a freezer is an acceptable method, it can hardly be considered the best one. In fact, an airtight, opaque container is the safest bet if you want to keep your coffee fresh as long as possible. 


As you can see, the coffee canister is an effective way to store your coffee properly. If you need to make sure your coffee stays fresh for a long time, give preference to airtight stainless steel container equipped with vacuum seals and special valves. Ceramic and plastic opaque containers are also great for storing coffee.

Using a coffee container, you will be able to protect coffee beans from three main threats that are light, air and moisture. When it comes to temperature, it mainly depends on the place where you store your coffee. Make sure it is cool enough. 

If you want to enjoy your coffee every day, you need to use high-quality and fresh beans for your brew. It does not mean you should buy beans daily. Just store them properly and a high-quality coffee container is your main helper when it comes to coffee freshness.

By the way, if you are an owner of a premium Keurig coffee maker and use coffee pods instead of coffee beans or pre-ground coffee, keep in mind that coffee pod holder makes organization seamless.

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