Yes, instant coffee indeed comes in all flavors, but there is just some kind of pleasure and authenticity in using a coffee machine. We know coffee making may sound scary, but of course, even this, combined with technology, has become easy and smart so everyone can find the perfect coffee maker for themselves. 

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What Is Bunn Coffee Maker

BUNN coffee makers are generally very high quality and come in various styles. So for BUNN, it doesn’t matter that you enjoy your coffee strong or light; it doesn’t matter if you have time to wait for the brew or you are in a rush. You can find espresso machines that offer accurate temperature and time and even the ones that have self brewing timings. 

How Does Bunn Coffee Maker Work

When we are talking about BUNN, we are talking about one of the best coffee makers made in the USA. It’s high quality and offers various functions that enable you to enjoy many different styles of coffee. Plus, BUNN-O-MATIC (the company) is actually the inventor of pour-over drip-type coffee machines. These types of machines generally have a large reservoir and a brewer funnel in front of them. In front, they also have a carafe warmer where the carafe sits after brewing and stay warm. Coffee is usually brewed with a spray of hot water.  

Pros and Cons of Using Bunn Coffee Maker


  • High-quality coffee.
  • Adaptable to your own needs.
  • Prices vary for all budgets.
  • Easy to use or have open instructions.


  • Might be costly regardless.
  • Needs at least regular cleaning.

Types of Bunn Coffee Makers

Velocity Line

We have BUNN GRB, BUNN BX, BUNN BT, and BUNN NHS models in this category. You may not find these on the company’s website anymore, but you can still get them from Amazon. They have 50 ounces brew capacity and their brewing time is 3 minutes. There is no button here, so the brew starts when you shut the lid, better be careful where the carafe is. The BT model is sold with a thermal carafe which can keep your coffee warm for up to 2 hours without needing a warmer. 

Speed Brew Line

Types of Bunn Coffee Makers

The difference in this type of coffee makers is that the water in the reservoir is kept hot to decrease the brewing time, so the only time you will wait is the filling up. There are four models in this category the Classic, Select, Elite, and Platinum. They generally have 70 ounces of the reservoir. If you are brewing for a min of 20 ounces, the brewing takes only 2 mins and the full capacity takes about 4 mins as well, which is the fastest among the other drip brewers in the market. The platınum version’s carafe is double-walled, so it keeps the coffee hot for 2+ hours.  

Other Brewers 

Choosing the best coffee maker for yourself is a hard business, but don’t worry, there are so many options out there. Rather than the Velocity and Speed Brew lines, Bunn also offers various models. There are coffee makers that also enable you to brew teas and various hot beverages. We are confident that you can find the BUNN for you as BUNN offers different styles that can suit everyone, but if not, you can always try getting Nespresso or Keurig coffee machine. One thing Bunn coffee makers don’t have is the option to also grind your coffee. Pregrinded coffee is not even close to a fresh grind also, grind and brew coffee makers save money and space

How to Choose the Best Bunn Coffee Maker 

Brewing Capacity

Capacity is so important when you are choosing your new best friend – shhh, we know it will be your best friend- Ask yourselves questions like Who is going to use it? How many cups of coffee do I (or other people) drink? There must be a coffee maker that will satisfy your needs. 

Carafe Type

The type and the size of the carafe actually matter. Well, the size matter because it directly determines the maximum amount of coffee you can make. When it comes to holding the coffee, double-walled or insulated models hold the coffee much longer and warmer. 


Brewing speed is an important feature in a coffee machine. It directly affects your morning routine. For Bunn coffee makers, most of them can fill the whole carafe in under 5 minutes, which is incredibly fast!

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Brew Range

How to Choose the Best Bunn Coffee Maker

When it comes to what you can brew, Bunn coffee makers don’t offer many varieties. Most of them can also provide you with hot water, which comes in handy for tea or instant soup. If you are looking for a premium cappuccino maker, Bunn may not be for you, but you can try the MyCafe version from Bunn, which is compatible with k-cups. 


Bunn coffee makers are some real deal in the coffee world. Let’s be real, they are not very cheap, but the cost entirely depends on your needs. If you only want a goddamn coffee machine, you can get away with the cheapest model, but if you are into the whole coffee experience, you may want to open that wallet a little more for magic. 

Your Lifestyle

How you like to drink your coffee? The answer to this question also comes in very handy. In general, BUNN coffee makers are high quality, but if your needs have specialties in them. You better ask. 

Velocity vs Speed Brew Bunn Coffee Maker

The main difference between the velocity and speed types of Bunn coffee makers are the spray heads and the filter basket. The speed brewers, which is the new version, are modified to have more contact time with coffee, therefore, have a better brew. Even though speed brewers have a better quality brew, velocity brewers are still sold because of their low price and considerably high quality. 

How to Use Bunn Coffee Maker 

At first, your new best friend needs some extra push but don’t we all. We promise it’s not hard to get started with your new BUNN coffee maker and here is how to do it. 

How to Use Bunn Coffee Maker

Step 1 – Set up your coffee maker

You first need to set up your Bunn so you can have a proper stream of coffee. You need to do the setup BEFORE your plugin. If your plugin before you to the setup, you can permanently damage your Bunn and we don’t want that to happen. 

Step 2 – Fill the reservoir with water

To do the setup, you first need to fill the reservoir with water. The reservoir always needs to be filled with water because when the Bunn is turned on, the heater is GOING TO BECOME ON. The heating switch is at the right bottom of the machine (usually). KEEP IT OFF until you finish your setup. 

Step 3 – Fill the carafe

Check the brew funnel if it is set in place. DON’T PUT FILTER PAPER YET. After setting the brewer funnel, fill the carafe with water and open the lid of the brewer. 

Step 4 – Push the lid down

Inside the lid, you will notice a tiny lever-like white piece underneath it. Once you pour all the water, push the lid down. This will push down the lever and water automatically will travel to the tank. DON’T FORGET TO PUT THE CARAFE ON THE WARMER. JUST AS A PRECAUTION, IF THE WATER STARTS BEING DISPENSED. 

The water will flow in 3 minutes; however, you need to repeat the process one more time to fill up the reservoir completely. Once the water starts coming out of the brewer, you will understand it is full. 

Step 5 – Plug the power

Turn the heating switch on. The water will get hot in 15 minutes. After the water gets hot, put your coffee in a filter paper, place it into the brewer funnel. 

Step 6 – Open the warmer

Lastly, fill your carafe with cold water into your carafe and DON’T FORGET TO OPEN THE WARMER. The same thing goes for turning it off; if you forget to turn off the warmer after you are done with it, it may damage your carafe. 

And that’s it! We tried to keep it very detailed but don’t worry; it’s so easy. Now you can go and brew a shot of decaffeinated espresso or enjoy making a cortado using an espresso machine! Don’t forget to use your favorite coffee, our special offer: nitro coffee offers a new world of flavor


How to Clean and Descale Bunn Coffee Maker

We have good news, BUNN coffee makers don’t need to be descaled. However, you need to wash the brewer funnel and carafe. You can clean the parts with soapy water or use different methods of cleaning the Bunn coffee maker, such a specific coffee stain solutions. 

Step 1 – Turn off the machine and unplug it

Clean the surfaces of the machine; you can use a damp towel with water or soapy water. 

Step 2 – Remove and clean the showerhead

This step is also important to stop clogging. Using the pointy end of the spray head cleaning tool, remove mineral deposits from the holes in the spray head. Insert the long end of the tool into the showerhead fitting to clean inside. 

Step 3 – Clean the bypass fitting

Insert the long end of the cleaning tool inside and rotate a couple of times to clean. 

Step 4 – Clean the brew funnel

Remove the brewing funnel and clean it as well. You can also remove the carafe and rinse it if needed. Lastly, put all the pieces back together and make sure everything is dry before turning on the power again. 


Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Yes! Definitely, it does! But even when we talk about quality, the best coffee maker is the one that perfectly suits your needs. 

Do’s and Don’ts With Bunn Coffee Makers


  • Clean it after every usage.
  • Choose according to your needs.
  • Grind coffee before brewing it.
  • Always put the carafe underneath it to avoid the mess that is caused by the water.


  • Leave your coffee remainings in there; this would cause a fishy taste and odor in your coffee.
  • Leave any switches or power on.

FAQ About Bunn Coffee Makers

How many scoops of coffee do you put in a Bunn coffee maker?

While brewing using only one scoop of coffee will be enough for a cup of coffee.

Do Bunn coffee makers have a lifetime warranty?

Most Bunn coffee makers have around 3 years of warranty, which is actually pretty standard for a technological device. 

Should I leave my Bunn coffee maker on all the time?

Not at all. To save energy, you can switch it off once you are done brewing and switch off the warmer if your coffee is almost made. 

FAQ About Bunn Coffee Makers

Can I run vinegar through my Bunn coffee maker?

Yes, you can. It’s just like cleaning Keurig using vinegar. Still, as vinegar might be too harsh, mix the vinegar with water being 1 to 3 portions. 

Why does my Bunn coffee maker leak?

The main reason is that the silicone seal might be damaged. The seal is between the water reservoir and the water tank of the machine. 

Why does my Bunn coffee maker drips slow?

The most common reason is the brewer funnel being clogged. You must remorse the showerhead and the brewing funnel to clean. 


The Bunn coffee makers come in a large variety to find the best Bunn for yourself. They are relatively cheaper and offer very high quality. When cared for in good hands, they can serve you long years and help you get the most of your coffee. 

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